Character Inspiration for the Dead Soil World

I've finally started outlining and planning my third and final book in the Dead Soil trilogy, "Dead World". To help me stay on track with the characters and their changes and progressions I like to collect photos for character inspiration. It helps me to bring them to life in the story and I like to share that with my readers so they too can see what I'm seeing as I write and work on the story.

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New 5 Star Amazon Review That Made Me Smile

As an indie author, it can be hard to be noticed in a sea of millions of others, but when one of my readers takes the time to let me know what they liked about my book it just makes my day! I wanted to share my most recent review because it made me smile and feel so great about my free book, "Broken Angel".

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Broken Angel Character Inspiration

Kamlyn Paige is a young mother grieved over the death of her only son, Danny. She knows there was something "not right" about the way he died. There was something unusual about his murder...and about his murderer. It takes meeting a new friend and neighbor for her to figure out that she's not crazy, that the things that go bump in the night are real...and she has the power to stop them.


Earth Angel Character Inspirational Photos

Kamlyn Paige is a young woman whose son was killed in front of her by a demonic figure. Just when she feels her life is over, a strange neighbor opens her world by revealing all the things nightmares are made of are actually true. She joins the Chamber of Darkness as a Huntsman and dedicates her life to fighting evil creatures and beings while searching for the one who took her son's life.

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Creatures & Beings of “Broken Angel”

A supernatural thriller that will get your blood pumping and your nightmares crawling. Due for release on Friday, February 26th on Amazon!