Book Review: “Practical Magic” by Alice Hoffman

★★★★ This might be a lengthy review because there is so much I have to say about this book! (Good and not so good) I just wanted to lay there out there from the beginning. Let me start by saying that I have watched the movie Practical Magic every single fall season multiple times for… Continue reading Book Review: “Practical Magic” by Alice Hoffman

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Book Review: “Magic Lessons” by Alice Hoffman

★★★★★ I started the Practical Magic series with this book, the author's latest to date, because I wanted to read in chronological order instead of published order. This was my first Alice Hoffman book. I've been a fan of the Practical Magic movie since it came out in the 90's but somehow never read the… Continue reading Book Review: “Magic Lessons” by Alice Hoffman


HUNTED ANGEL Character & Location Inspiration

JAKE He's a loveable pup who finds Kamlyn on the streets of Boston and takes an immediate liking to her. But is there more to him than meets the eye, or is he really just a stray looking for his forever home?         THE CIVIL BALL WITH THADDEUS JONES Kamlyn is invited to… Continue reading HUNTED ANGEL Character & Location Inspiration


Earth Angel (Chronicles of a Supernatural Huntsman, Book 2) is Now Available on Kindle!

Kamlyn Paige is hunting the supernatural on her own now, six months after graduating from the Chamber of Darkness's training program. She still hasn't found the demon who killed her five-year-old son, Danny, but she continues to search with no leads.

On the road she makes an unlikely friend who helps to open her world and reveals things about herself she never knew.


Earth Angel Character Inspirational Photos

Kamlyn Paige is a young woman whose son was killed in front of her by a demonic figure. Just when she feels her life is over, a strange neighbor opens her world by revealing all the things nightmares are made of are actually true. She joins the Chamber of Darkness as a Huntsman and dedicates her life to fighting evil creatures and beings while searching for the one who took her son's life.