The Zooey Zombie Series

It’s an Undead Thing (Book #1)

Zooey Beckett isn’t like other girls. For starters, she’s a zombie.
After the zombie plague broke out, the government did their best to keep the monsters under control until a cure was created. After months of roaming the Boston Common, Zooey awakes to find herself in a strange place with men in labcoats. She is no longer a zombie, but what they now call “The Undead”. During her three weeks in the Undead Ward treatment center, she shuffles around and learns what life outside has in store for her (and it’s not pretty). Meeting the others and hearing their stories, she begins to question the lessons they’re being taught by the staff that seems to recoil at the sight of them. One by one, the Undead disappear behind a pair of black double doors if they dare to question the treatment they’re being provided. Can Zooey survive the three weeks to make it back home?