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Hello Readers!

I wanted to personally say “hi!” and tell you a little bit about myself. I’m originally from the Chicago suburbs, a town in Indiana called Valparaiso (that’s right! The town Kamlyn Paige is from!) but I’ve been moving around the country from ages 18 to 28.

Places I’ve Lived
  • Northwest Indiana (Purdue North Central)
  • Central Indiana (Purdue West Lafayette)
  • Chicago, Illinois (Columbia College Chicago)
  • Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (When I was married to a sailor)
  • Tampa, Florida (To stay with my sister)
  • I forget where, California (It only lasted a month)
  • Great Lakes, Illinois (For bootcamp and schooling)
  • Norfolk, Virginia (When I was on the USS PORTER)
  • San Antonio, Texas (To have my daughter)

And now I am happily back in my hometown Valparaiso, Indiana with my two-year-old daughter, generous mother, and hilarious father. It’s literally the best place to live! If Stars Hollow came to life and grew by 20,000 people, it would be Valparaiso!


Ain’t it quaint?


I have a Bachelor’s degree in English from the American Military University, which took me about six years to complete with all my moves and jobs. I hope to return to school for either my Master’s in English or a Bachelor’s in Marketing. I love school! I know…I’m weird. (Fun fact, I actually received my diploma during my last week of bootcamp.)

When I’m Not Writing

I like to…

  • Spend time with my family- my mother, father, daughter, aunt, uncle, cousins, their kids, and so on.
  • Frequent the Dunes National Lakeshore and hiking trails (weather permitting)
  • Read (constantly!)
  • Horseback riding (not enough, but still love it)
  • Roadtrips (not so much now that I have a two-year-old, but she did great on the 18-hour drive from Texas to Indiana! Watched her favorite movie “Home” the entire time, over and over again.)
  • Catching up on favorite TV shows (Walking Dead, Supernatural, Gilmore Girls (old and new), New Girl, Modern Family, Game of Thrones.)
  • Write in my journal (makes me feel awesome if I write my accomplishments for the day down, no matter how tiny.)
  • Drinking lots of coffee!

If I’m being completely honest, I am a homebody. I am in my pajamas by 7pm and in bed by 8:30 to read. I think this video below sums me up nicely.

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