Chronicles of a Supernatural Huntsman


The Things That Go Bump in The Night Are Real

In book #1, Kamlyn Paige is a young woman who has suffered great loss in her life. At nineteen, when she was seven months pregnant, her parents were in a fatal car accident. And at twenty-four, when her son was only five years old, he was murdered before her eyes by a cloaked figure in the middle of the night. It takes everything she has to hold on after the devastation.

But when a mysterious neighbor sees her weeping on the sidewalk, he picks her up and introduces her to a new world. She goes with him to the Chamber of Darkness, an underground society, where she learns to fight evil beings and creatures as a Huntsman.
The sole motivation to complete her training is getting revenge on the demon that killed her little boy. 

In book #2, Kamlyn Paige is a young woman whose son was taken from her by a soul-devouring demon. Now she travels the country overcoming evil while searching for revenge. On the way to freeing her son’s soul, Kamlyn comes across new and old friends who help her to learn new things about herself and point her in the right direction to vindication. Every moment for the past year of Kamlyn’s life has been leading up to this and now that she is aware of who she is, she may have a chance at survival.

Kamlyn Paige has gone from Huntsman to Hunted

In book #3, when a friend of hers is killed by the Watchers, Kamlyn searches endlessly to have her revenge. But she quickly learns that her constant need to even the score does not sit well with the new Head of the Chamber of Darkness. With the help of her friends, she uses her newly discovered abilities to find the angels, but at what cost? Will the loss she suffers along the way be worth it in the end? And how far will the Chamber go to bring her in?

Chronicles of a Supernatural Huntsman Part 1 includes Broken Angel (book #1), Earth Angel (book #2) and Hunted Angel (book #3) in one convenient ebook or paperback!


In book #4, Kamlyn Paige continues to battle the Darkness with friends in this fourth installment in the Chronicles of a Supernatural Huntsman series as she travels between realms to recruit creatures of both Light and Darkness against Tamiel and his fallen angels to stop the end of the human world.

With war looming, the group leaves the human realm for Arianthe, the land of witches, dragons, fairies, and more, hoping to gain new alliances against Tamiel and his fallen angels. Upon entering the kingdom, the group has to submit to a reading from the famed fates, learning new and sometimes disturbing things about their past, present, and future. Once admitted, Kamlyn meets the Queen and Prince of Arianthe, both the offspring of Tamiel and her half-siblings. Desperate to learn new abilities to help her save the world from terrible defeat, Kamlyn trains with the queen in weather manipulation, sending icy blasts of wind and electric bolts of lightning wherever she wills it. But, she quickly learns that Jake is not capable of this angelic power as she thought he would be. He is half-angel and half-witch, different than Kamlyn and unable to accomplish more than one angelic ability. Kamlyn is once again one-of-a-kind and alone in her being, and Jake feels more lost than ever when it comes to his purpose in the coming war. 
To make matters worse, the queen cannot help Kamlyn in waking up Cara, who was put under a sleeping curse by the head of the Chamber of Darkness. Only her fairy-siblings have inherited powers strong enough for this task, but the queen of Arianthe forbids to tell them where the fairies live, declaring fairies the vilest of creatures and ones the kingdom of Arianthe will have nothing to do with. Will Kamlyn betray her new sister’s trust and seek out the fairies on her own to wake up her beloved friend? And will she be able to recruit the help of the fairies for the upcoming war?

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Kamlyn travels the realms in search of supernatural allies to join her side of Light in the upcoming war with the fallen angels. The fate of the human race rests on her shoulders but luck doesn’t seem to be on her side as she visits the realm of mermaids, vampires, and more. Can she convince them to fight with her before it’s too late?