Alex Apostol’s Newest Release!

That’s right! A new writing resource for all my fellow writers!

“My Writing Journal” is a travel-sized no-nonsense, simply laid out journal to help writers keep track of their daily word count and goals, plan their writing time weekly, keep record of ideas they have throughout the day for their current projects and for their future projects all in one place. It’s a lifesaver for the writer-on-the-go!

My Writing Journal New Release Announcement

Get your paperback copy today in the 10% off store at (Included Below)

My Writing Journal

This simple travel-sized journal is perfect to record all your novel ideas throughout your busy day. At the start of each week there is a calendar for you to set goals for your projects. Following, are seven days of journaling; including word count goals, actual word count for the day, ideas for current project, and ideas for future projects. Don’t let a single wonderful idea of yours slip by when you have this journal on hand! 10% off the Amazon Price + 6% tax + $2.50 Shipping



Pay full-price on Amazon (the choice is yours!)



Trust me, you won’t regret adding this writing resource to your arsenal!


I’ve ordered my author copy and I can’t wait to get it! Whenever I come up with an idea for a new journal design, it’s always to fill a need in my life, and this one does just that. Right now, I have future project notes strewn across recycled paper here and there at work and no idea what my daily word count is to track my progress while writing “Dead Road”. It’s a mess!

Alex Apostol

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Making the Switch From KDP to Ingram Spark

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I think I am finally making the switch after six years of selling exclusively to Amazon with my eBooks through KDP. I was always reluctant to change because I made most of my money through the Kindle Unlimited program on my pages read, but I think that has run its course. I’m ready to start selling more books to more people, ready to reach a new audience, and I think Ingram Spark is the perfect platform for this! Plus, I would really love to see my books in hardcover!

Do any of you other authors out there have experience with one or both platforms? Which one do you prefer and why?

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“Dead Soil” Weekend Book Sale Starts Now-Only $1.99!

Alex Apostol’s most popular book, “Dead Soil (Book #1)”, is on sale this weekend only! Save $3.00 and get the Kindle eBook for only $1.99 starting right now through Sunday.


What happens when civilization falls and the dead rise?

The devastating outbreak of a new strand of fatal flu has the world concerned. As every lab in the country tries to come up with a vaccine to stop humanity from being wiped out, another threat rises—the dead. While some ignore the warning signs and fall victim to the wandering hordes of zombies, others band together in small groups in a desperate attempt to survive. Many struggle to understand, as they watch their friends and family die, whether this is a challenge to overcome or a new, permanent reality.

Christine and Liam are building a life together in a small town in northwest Indiana. They live in a nice apartment, both have promising careers in respectable fields, and are about to take the plunge into matrimony. When the zombie plague devastates the couple by taking what small amount of people they love in the world, they have to make the choice to step up or hide behind closed doors. It’s a good thing Liam has been practicing with a bow and arrow since he was five-years-old.

Zack Kran is the couple’s next door neighbor and Liam’s best friend. He owns a comic book and gaming store in the heart of Chesterton, Indiana—a small town on Lake Michigan. It was his dream to share his love of comic art and epic fantasy battles with the world. But as debt weighs on his shoulders with no one coming into the shop, he struggles with the decision to sell or not. The only ray of light to shine through the hovering gloom is a young woman named Anita, who comes in the stores simply to flirt. When the zombies overrun the town, Zack vows to find this woman he barely knows and spend the rest of his short life making sure she survives. Will the hours he spent maneuvering collective swords in front of the mirror be enough to get to her?

Carolyn Bock is a HR representative at the local steel mill. Eternally on the quest for a suitable husband, she is blindsided when she finds her neighbor eating someone. She seeks shelter with Luke Benson, the librarian across the hall whom she always had he eyes on, only to be betrayed and locked inside her apartment under suspicion of being bitten. When the only person who knows she’s in there flees the building, she has no choice but to find her own way out before the dead find a way in.

Gale, Gretchen, Lonnie, Rowan, and Mitchell are a group of misfits wandering the expansive wooded area of the Dune’s State Park to hide from the growing hordes of zombies. Lonnie Lands was appointed group leader from his acts of heroism that saved the other members. But as his head swells with power, will he become the new threat to their survival?

The “Dead Soil” trilogy is not only about the horror of living in a world overrun with rotting, shambling corpses out to eat everything with a pulse. It’s about the changes that many need to make in order to survive a world that’s out to get them.


Check out the “Dead Soil” Character Inspiration: Part 1

“Dead Soil” Character Inspiration: Part 2

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New 5 Star Amazon Review That Made Me Smile

placeit (4)

As an indie author, it can be hard to be noticed in a sea of millions of others, but when one of my readers takes the time to let me know what they liked about my book it just makes my day! I wanted to share my most recent review because it made me smile and feel so great about my free book, “Broken Angel”.

Keeps your attention. August 9, 2018

I didn’t expect to like this book as much as I did. I’m a fan of kick-ass heroines who start out as normal women and end up as practically super-heroines, but I’m also very particular and I’m happy to say that this book delivered. I liked Kamlyn and I also liked the school for super-heroes that she attended and I even enjoyed the almost non-existent but slight similarity to Hogwarts, with twists and turns and non-human beings, both bad and good.

I wasn’t sure how to rate it until I was just past the middle, Friday evening in a motel for the weekend without a charger, and my Kindle died. I wanted to scream and spent the rest of the weekend anxiously awaiting getting home and charging my Kindle so I could get to the end, which did not disappoint.

Yep, I’d recommend this book to others out there who like normal-as-apple-pie heroines who end up in kick-ass special forces.

Girl next door to kick-ass heroine was exactly what I was going for when I created Kamlyn Paige! Check out my character inspiration and download “Broken Angel” for free on Kindle today to see what this reviewer was talking about. And please please please, let me know what you think by leaving your own review! I love the feedback.
Thanks to everyone who has read any of my books! I truly appreciate you and hope you enjoy them!
Alex Apostol
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New Items in the 10% Off Store


tshirt tote


Show your love for Alex Apostol, indie author, with these new items in the

10% off store!

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