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Non Fiction Book Review: “Unoffendable” by Brant Hansen

This book was really an eye-opener for me. It's funny because I've seen reviews of this book where the reviewer is offended that Brant says being unoffendable is a choice. It's ironic. It really is a choice, and making the choice is the easy part. It's following through that is hard work, daily, as is breaking any bad habit and building a better new one in its place. I've only been done reading this for a few days and already I'm working my butt off to remember the wisdom in here to put into practice.

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Book Review: “So This is Love” by Elizabeth Lim

This was one of the best books in the series by far. I like Lim's writing style probably most out of all the authors who write for this series. She has a beautiful way with words and her writing doesn't feel out of place for a period piece, but also it doesn't feel like it's trying to hard either.

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Book Review: Rereading “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” as an Adult

Observations, things I forgot about, things I noticed this time around as an adult that I missed as a kid. There's so much that goes on when rereading my childhood favorite!

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“Conceal, Don’t Feel” by Jen Calonita

This isn't going to be a super long breakdown or review, but I do want to put this out there...this was by far the best book in the entire Twisted Tales series. I loved the twist that separated Anna and Elsa. It made sense and flowed with the story so well...Click the link to continue to read the review

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Book Review: “Mirror, Mirror” by Jen Calonita

Snow White is not one of my most favorite Disney Princess stories but I did like this twisted tale, even though the twist they promised on the cover really didn't happen until the very end, the Prince being the one to be poisoned instead of Snow White.