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Chronicles of a Supernatural Huntsman Books are now available in signed Hardcovers

It's taken me a while to put together, but I'm happy to announce that now ALL of the Chronicles of a Supernatural Huntsman books are available in hardcover copy! And if you purchase these from this website you will receive them signed by the author at a 10% discount from Amazon's prices (discount shipping, too!). Buy your beautiful, long lasting copies of this epic YA Fantasy today by visiting the 10% store on this site or clicking the button below to find the books on Amazon.


Being a Mood Reader

I just realized that I am a mood reader. Not only that, but I took it to the extreme. I am a mood everything-er! But I was able, with some deep reflective thought, to pinpoint where these moods were driven from. This give me an advantage. No longer do I have to feel I am difficult or whishy-washy or jumping from one thing to the next. I can hedge my moods because I can predict them now. I am a seasonal mood reader! (and everything-er)

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Book Review: “The Invincible Miss Cust” by Penny Haw

I am always on the lookout for horsey books that don't feel too juvenile, which is an area literature is hugely lacking in if I do say so myself. That's why I was so excited to stumble upon "The Invincible Miss Cust" in my Bookbub newsletter. It was under a historical novel sale, which is also right up my alley. It follows the life from childhood until the end of Miss Aleen Cust, the first woman veterinarian of Great Britain and Ireland.

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Book Review: Never Never by Serena Valentino

The more I read this series the more I like it and realize just how much planning and thought went into it. Each book ties into the next, culminating in the story of the Odd Sisters and how each of the villain's stories are a part of their own fairy tale book where they write the fate of the villains.


New and Upcoming Releases

My Little Island Life is the story of one young woman who marries a US Navy sailor on a whim. Together, they move to the island of Oahu. She thought life in paradise would be a dream but quickly it spirals into a living nightmare. Based on true events, My Little Island life will come to Kindle and Kindle Unlimited this June 2023! Until then, read all of Alex Apostol's books for free with Kindle Unlimited for a limited time or start any series, including the completed YA Fantasy series Chronicles of a Supernatural Huntsman or the Zombie Survival series Dead Soil, for only $0.99.