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Rereading Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire as an Adult

I forgot about the great detail of the Riddle family in the beginning and what happened to them. It's such a great part of the story for more insight into how truly terrible Tom Riddle read full review visit my blog!

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Book Review: “Bravely” by Maggie Stiefvater

If I had known this book was coming out when it was announced in 2021 it would have been my most anticipated book! Even not knowing about it until it was released this month, I have still been long awaiting a Merida book from Disney. I've always felt Merida was my kindred princess. We both have a love of horses and archery (me more horses, her more archery, but still we both love both). We're both curly girlies with a love of independence and freedom. Since they started publishing the Twisted Tales series, I've had to watch them come up with great stories about every dang princess and then some but never Merida. It was frustrating. And then Facebook suggested this to me for an audiobook! I was elated! I immediately ordered the hardcover and set to reading it.

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Book Review: “Unbirthday” by Liz Braswell (Disney Twisted Tale)

Let me start off by saying I do not believe this book fits in with the premise of Disney's Twisted Tales series. The whole point of the series is to take the original story and twist it into something else. This story is more of a sequel. It does not twist the original story but takes place when Alice is an adult, eighteen or nineteen, and goes back to Wonderland to save it from the murderous Queen of Hearts....

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Book Review: “For the Love of Horses” by Kelly Wilson

A great autobiography for anyone who follows the Wilson sisters or for anyone who loves horses and the allure of wild horses in general. These three girls have so much experience and knowledge to be shared. I'm not big into show jumping like they are but it was still fun to read about their winnings and achievements. The parts about creating bonds with the wild horses were the best parts, though. The amount of patience and compassion these girls have for these wild horses is beyond anything I've ever heard of. They truly are naturals.

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