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Book Review: “Unbirthday” by Liz Braswell (Disney Twisted Tale)

Let me start off by saying I do not believe this book fits in with the premise of Disney's Twisted Tales series. The whole point of the series is to take the original story and twist it into something else. This story is more of a sequel. It does not twist the original story but takes place when Alice is an adult, eighteen or nineteen, and goes back to Wonderland to save it from the murderous Queen of Hearts....

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Book Review: “So This is Love” by Elizabeth Lim

This was one of the best books in the series by far. I like Lim's writing style probably most out of all the authors who write for this series. She has a beautiful way with words and her writing doesn't feel out of place for a period piece, but also it doesn't feel like it's trying to hard either.

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Book Review: “Mirror, Mirror” by Jen Calonita

Snow White is not one of my most favorite Disney Princess stories but I did like this twisted tale, even though the twist they promised on the cover really didn't happen until the very end, the Prince being the one to be poisoned instead of Snow White.

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Book Review: “Part of Your World” by Liz Braswell

I have to admit that I was not too excited to start this one as I make my way through the Twisted Tales series. Ariel isn't one of my favorite princesses and I'm not crazy about her story but I kept an open mind. This was also one of the longer books in the series too so you can understand my hesitation. I actually ended up really liking it, though!

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Book Review: Reflection by Elizabeth Lim

Right off the bat, I have to say that so far this is tied as my favorite Twisted Tale book alongside Belle's story. I just love Belle so much and thought the twist was creative and fit her character and background. I'll admit that Mulan is not one of my favorite Disney Princesses. I've learned to like her more as an adult because of her strength and independence and feministic quality and love for family and desire to protect them, things that as an adult I value. But as a kid I just thought Mushu was funny and the story was pretty good. My childhood friend will passionately argue that Mulan should under no circumstances even be included as a Disney Princesses. She wasn't born a princess, she didn't marry a prince. It's really funny to get her going on that. But this book was really good! It's the first book in the series not written by Liz Braswell.