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Book Review: “Straight On Till Morning” by Liz Braswell

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Disney Twisted Tales series just keeps getting better and better. The author did another amazing job of channeling the familiar voices of Peter Pan’s beloved characters while adding new twists and tales to the story.

Wendy was such a great character that grew from what the original author had already started. We knew, because of her love of stories and her creativity, that she was different from the other girls in London society at the time, but in this story she’s older and her family is at their wits ends with her unique love of fairytales. They’re ready to ship her off to Ireland to work for a while and learn to be an adult, to put away her childish ways, but Wendy takes things into her own hands. The twist is Peter doesn’t come to collect his shadow right when he loses it like he does in the original story, when Wendy is about twelve. Four years go by that she holds onto it and keeps it safe for him but he never comes. Now Wendy is a young lady, too old for Neverland, but makes a devilish bargain to get there anyhow. She’s determined to have her own adventures once she’s there, which I love! Her and Tinkerbell become unlikely friends, which really fuels the female strength and voice in this story. Peter was really more of a side character or background character, in need of saving from Wendy and Tink rather than the other way around.

The integrity of the original story was upheld but given a new direction and voice that honored the original and also took it one step further to make this a truly entertaining and wonderful story that I enjoyed very much! I highly recommend this entire series!

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