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Day 2: Fun with Floorplanner

I discovered a great, free, easy to use home design software and have been going crazy with it. You can check it out at if you like. We are in the very earliest stages of building a new house. So early, in fact, they haven't even started digging yet, but you better believe I've… Continue reading Day 2: Fun with Floorplanner


I’ve Been Wanting to Start an Online Journal…Day 1

I know it's a little weird, me being a writer and author, not having some kind of journal ritual in place already, but I really don't. Since I was twelve I kept a handwritten journal almost daily until about the age of 23. Life got crazy and busy and the tradition fell away, but I remember loving it so much. It was nice to take time at the end of my day to reflect and appreciate all the good (and vent about the bad).

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Book Review: “Enchantée: Love, Magic, Revolution” by Gita Trelease

I was into this book right off the bat! It captured my imagination from the first page and held it the entire time. When I finally finished it I was actually sad and now I can't wait for the sequel, Liberte, to come out!

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Character Inspiration for “Wayfare Angel”

Chronicles of a Supernatural Huntsman is the first book series I ever worked on. I started developing Kamlyn Paige and her band of misfit friends back in 2012 before I knew anything about writing or publishing. Now, this Friday May 8th, I am releasing the fourth book in this supernatural thriller series and I am so excited! To celebrate I created some character profile photos and wanted to share with you what these guys are up to in their latest novel.

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Book Review: “As Old as Time” by Liz Braswell

This is the second Twisted Tale Disney book I've read (after the Sleeping Beauty one, which I didn't care for much). I was skeptical going in because the first one I read felt too modern teen-y to be the beloved fairy tale Disney made so long ago. I was worried this one would ruin Belle by making her a modern whiny teenager who said things like "oh my god" and "like" all the time. But I really liked this one!