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Book Review: “The Invincible Miss Cust” by Penny Haw

I am always on the lookout for horsey books that don't feel too juvenile, which is an area literature is hugely lacking in if I do say so myself. That's why I was so excited to stumble upon "The Invincible Miss Cust" in my Bookbub newsletter. It was under a historical novel sale, which is also right up my alley. It follows the life from childhood until the end of Miss Aleen Cust, the first woman veterinarian of Great Britain and Ireland.

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Book Review: “For the Love of Horses” by Kelly Wilson

A great autobiography for anyone who follows the Wilson sisters or for anyone who loves horses and the allure of wild horses in general. These three girls have so much experience and knowledge to be shared. I'm not big into show jumping like they are but it was still fun to read about their winnings and achievements. The parts about creating bonds with the wild horses were the best parts, though. The amount of patience and compassion these girls have for these wild horses is beyond anything I've ever heard of. They truly are naturals.


My Riding Journal 2nd Edition and New Cover

My Riding Journal has been updated and now the 2nd edition and new cover is available on Amazon in paperback! I love this journal and I've never used it more than the last two months. I bought my first horse and learned what really goes into horse ownership and riding. That's why the journal needed an update. When I first designed it in 2018 I had only ever leased a horse so I didn't really understand the bond, the connection, the time and the work that went into a horse that was your own.

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Newest Release: My Riding Journal

This is the ultimate journal for horse owners, leasers, lovers, and riders. If you're like me, you like to keep track of everything so you can look back on it. Now you can track your time spent with your best friends, your horses!

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Unveiling of the Official Cover for “My Riding Journal: Memories and Lessons”

I am very excited about this journal because it is much needed in my life right now (minus the competition trackers. I am not there yet, but I know some of you horse lovers are!)