Dead Beginnings: A Zombie Horror Series

Who ever said the apocalypse wouldn’t be bloody?

Lonnie Lands felt like his world was ending. His mother was long dead, leaving him with an abusive father. He was kicked out of the Army in his last days of bootcamp. And to top it off, his fiance cheated on him and dumped him in a letter. Things couldn’t get any worse, that is until they did. When the zombie outbreak takes over Lonnie’s small town in Northwest Indiana, the Army washout is forced to tap into his survival skills and his humanity. Will he survive his first nights in the apocalypse?

Lee Hickey came to America from Ireland with a dream of helping others. As a nurse, sickness and death is a part of his everyday life. But when the zombie apocalypse breaks out he sees disease in a whole new light. As people change before his eyes in the hospital, he has to fight to escape. His pregnant wife needs him. But can a man whose purpose in life is to help others really kill to survive?