Dead Soil: A Zombie Survival Series



 An Amazon Bestseller of Supernatural Thrillers

On June 21, 2020 civilization will fall and the dead will rise

Northwest Indiana will become ground zero for the zombie plague. Within twenty-four hours, Chicago will be nothing more than a breeding ground for the undead. Some people will choose to fortify their homes while others flee to the woods when it becomes apparent that there’s no end in sight to their hell on Earth. How will you survive the apocalypse?


The second book in the bestselling Dead Soil series continues with the group of wanderers and the group at the apartments together waiting out the winter in the Dune Ridge complex. All have suffered great loss in the first months of the zombie plague and it is starting to take a toll on some of the members. But there is hope in the form of a scientific journal left behind by Christine’s fiance, Liam. It may hold the key to a cure. All they have to do is deliver it to the Disease Research Center in the heart of downtown Chicago. With zombies thawing from the cold and roaming the earth in numbers like never before, can everyone survive the road to restoration?

When we left Christine Moore she had just lost the love of her life. Now, she battles with her inner voices telling her to abandon the group and seek to restore the world on her own…before she loses anyone else she cares about.

Zack Kran has become the leader of the group of misfits, though not by choice. He carries the heavy burden of life and death on his shoulders as he makes decisions that effect everyone in the group and their safety.

Gretchen Moore, Christine’s older sister, struggles with the poor choices of her past as she seeks forgiveness from her younger sister for abandoning her all those years ago.

And the rest of the group bands together with these three in a combined effort to restore the world to what it once was, a safe and zombie-free place.

The trilogy comes to its final conclusion in Dead World. Survivors have dwindled to almost nothing as the zombies spent the last year wiping out humanity. While many in the group hide out in the newfound underground bunker society, a select few have taken up the job of saving the world. They head to a laboratory in downtown Chicago rumored to be up and running and working on a vaccine for the zombie virus. Christine is sure Liam’s journal holds the key to helping them create the saving cure. But life on the road in a zombie-ridden world has its own plans. When one of her own is turned it becomes a race against the clock to make sure the cure is discovered and distributed. Will they make it in time or will the world succumb to its dark fate of living death?

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