My Riding Journal 2nd Edition and New Cover

My Riding Journal has been updated and now the 2nd edition and new cover is available on Amazon in paperback! I love this journal and I’ve never used it more than the last two months. I bought my first horse and learned what really goes into horse ownership and riding. That’s why the journal needed an update. When I first designed it in 2018 I had only ever leased a horse so I didn’t really understand the bond, the connection, the time and the work that went into a horse that was your own. The biggest changes is I have added more pages so the journal should last the entire year. It’s focused more on just one horse with a larger profile page for your horse than before. I’ve added a journaling section for groundwork, which is something I never knew about before but have come to love and respect and use often. There’s no more standalone behavior tracker but have added a description area to each journal page for your horse’s behavior instead. The journal is bigger and better than ever so check it out on Amazon today. I just ordered my copy and can’t wait to start using it!

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