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Author Spotlight: Christina Resnover

I was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, I'm a a graduate of Indiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy. My hobbies include playing video games, watching DC and Marvel movies, scouring flea markets for vintage comic books, and travelling. My most recent trip was out of the country for the first time to London and Paris.

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Author Spotlight: Hayley Mills

Hi. My name is Hayley Mills. (Yes, named Hayley after the actress my mother loved) I was born in Manchester, England, immigrating to Australia on the S. S. Australis with my family in 1974. It was an unbelievable life shift.

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Author Spotlight: Nandana Vinod

My name is Nandana Vinod . An eighty year old soul in an eighteen year old body. I was born and brought up in kerala , India  . I currently finished my 12 th grade and am preparing to join the psychology major in college. I write what I find beautiful, what makes my soul happy . Whether it be the seas or the skies or far beyond that, I write what I feel.  I have been a co-author to several anthologies and am currently working on my single work. I don't want to rush into it because when people read my book I want them to recognize it. I want them to feel like they have known my book for ages , I want them to find a piece of themselves in it .


How to Start an Author Blog

Now more than ever authors are wearing two hats; writing and marketing. It's not enough anymore to write the great American novel and send it off to the publisher for them to put the word out about it, we have to do it ourselves. At first this can seem daunting.

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Author Spotlight: Trinity Lemm

My name is Trinity Lemm and I’m a 20 year old indie author! I’m currently a full-time student at Western Michigan University, studying both business and dance while maintaining my writing career on the side. When I’m not writing or doing schoolwork, I like to hang out with friends and family.