Books I Read in 2020

2020 was a strange year. It was extremely busy for me while it was not so busy for others. That means while a lot of people had downtime to read as much as they wanted, I was rushed and frazzled trying to squeeze in my reading where I could. I was only able to read… Continue reading Books I Read in 2020

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“American Gods” by Neil Gaiman

A co-worker actually recommended the TV show to me not too long ago, not knowing there was a book that it was made from. When I talked to my friend, he said he had read it before and it was pretty good. So, I ordered it used on Amazon and fell right into it.

book reviews, reading

“Zombie Fairy Tales” by Kevin Richey

  4 OUT OF 5 STARS!!     My boyfriend recommended I read this book when I complained about not having any original zombie stories to read lately. Since my three-year-old is obsessed with Disney princesses right now and me still with zombies, he thought this would be a great book for me...and boy, was… Continue reading “Zombie Fairy Tales” by Kevin Richey


Novel Notes Now Includes More Character Development Pages

Get your 8X10 paperback today and start creating unforgettable characters, good or evil, with the recently added psychological lists and profiles.


“Girl’s Like Us” Triss and Hailey’s Roadtrip Stops

Inspirational Photos for Triss and Hailey's Roadtrip Summer 2015!
The girls get into all kinds of trouble as they drive from Norfolk, VA to San Diego, CA. Can their friendship survive it all? Find out June 21, 2015!