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Author Spotlight: Dani Carlisle

Today is the first Author Spolight! It's something I used to do years ago, my own special way of supporting other authors and sharing the love. Our first author spotlight presents Dani Carlisle! Alex Apostol: Tell me a little about yourself. Dani Carlisle: I'm a non-binary author and parent from Canada. I love to bake,… Continue reading Author Spotlight: Dani Carlisle

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Making the Switch From KDP to Ingram Spark

I think I am finally making the switch after six years of selling exclusively to Amazon with my eBooks through KDP. I was always reluctant to change because I made most of my money through the Kindle Unlimited program on my pages read, but I think that has run its course. I'm ready to start selling more books to more people, ready to reach a new audience, and I think Ingram Spark is the perfect platform for this! Plus, I would really love to see my books in hardcover!

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New 5 Star Amazon Review That Made Me Smile

As an indie author, it can be hard to be noticed in a sea of millions of others, but when one of my readers takes the time to let me know what they liked about my book it just makes my day! I wanted to share my most recent review because it made me smile and feel so great about my free book, "Broken Angel".

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New Release: “This Is Me: A Guided Journal to Self-Discovery” is Live on Amazon!

Family History: Small family tree, Heritage Chart, Family History Map, Family Heirloom Record, Family Military History, Family Descriptions, and Family Medical History.
Childhood: birth to 5th grade: Memories, friends, things learned, Influential Discussions.
Middle School: 6th-8th grade: Memories, friends, discussions, things learned.
High School: 9th-12th grade: Memories, friends, romantic relationships, relationship insights, things learned, family memories.
Young Adult: 18-29 years old: Memories, friends, romantic relationships, relationship insights, things learned, family memories, advice and lessons.
Right Now: Who are you now? Friendships, love life, parenting
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When Inspiration Strikes A Writer

Sorry there was no blog post yesterday, but inspiration struck me and I got swept up in a book project. While I have about 20% of "Dead Road (Dead Soil book 2)" done, something else inspired me yesterday. I had two choices: ignore the inspiration and keep writing "Dead Road" or run with the inspiration and possibly fall behind on my current book. Luckily, the inspiration wasn't to start another story, but rather create a self-discovery journal.