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Book Review: “Magic Lessons” by Alice Hoffman

★★★★★ I started the Practical Magic series with this book, the author's latest to date, because I wanted to read in chronological order instead of published order. This was my first Alice Hoffman book. I've been a fan of the Practical Magic movie since it came out in the 90's but somehow never read the… Continue reading Book Review: “Magic Lessons” by Alice Hoffman

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Book Review: “Vulpini” by Meg Pelliccio

★★★★★ First off, I have to say that I love the cover for this book. It's charming and whimsical and subtly gives hints to the delights you'll find inside. From when I first started reading, I fell in love with the author's melodic form of writing. She does such a great job with descriptions that… Continue reading Book Review: “Vulpini” by Meg Pelliccio


Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones

City of Bones was a great start to a thrilling series. YA novels are not typically my "drug" of choice, but this one didn't feel "teeny" at all while I was reading. If you are looking for an exciting fantasy, this is the series for you!