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Book Review: “Vulpini” by Meg Pelliccio

Rating: 5 out of 5.

First off, I have to say that I love the cover for this book. It’s charming and whimsical and subtly gives hints to the delights you’ll find inside.

From when I first started reading, I fell in love with the author’s melodic form of writing. She does such a great job with descriptions that I felt like I was there and had no trouble seeing what was happening in my mind. There is no explanation to the time the story takes place, but the author does a great job of showing how the characters live and also of world building. I felt like Brankah and Oror were real places. Her locations had personalities all their own.

The main character’s name is Ayse, no last name, and she is the only character in the entire story that did not really get a description. Usually in a book I would not like this but it worked here. My imagination started to build this character into who I thought she was through her actions and interactions. She’s a strong female protagonist, which I like! There is a mystery at first over what her line of work is, but we know it must be something dangerous with the way her friends worried over her. Eventually it’s revealed and ends up being the driving force behind the entire epic story.

When it comes to the other characters in the book, Pelliccio gives amazing, creative, and revealing descriptions. There is a love interest in the story but it’s subtle. I was glad for this because I love a thrilling adventure story more than I care for a sappy romance story. It’s always nice when love blossoms, and Pelliccio did a perfect job of including it but not letting it overtake the great story she already had.

There’s magic in the world she created. The history and lore Pelliccio included is creative and in-depth. A lot of research and planning must have gone into writing this because it’s so intricate and detailed. It really brought the whole story to life for me. There are different tribes that are at war with each other. There is the tribe of the Vulpini who can transform into foxes and there is the Orian tribe of the north who are werewolves. Ayse goes through a bit of an identity crisis in the story because she was raised by the Vulpini, but always thought she was a werewolf, but it turns out she’s something else entirely different! It was very intriguing and kept the pages turning for me. As Ayse tries to bring peace between the warring tribes she runs into trouble left and right. The book ends on a cliffhanger, but don’t worry, it’s says it’s book one in the series so we can expect a second book!

If you want more info on the book, here is the author’s summary for you!

Ayse’s skill set includes thievery, sabotage, sleight of hand, and most importantly – the ability to shape-shift into a wolf. Ayse must come to the aid of the Vulpini, the fox shapeshifter tribe who took her in and raised her in the country of Nevraah, but that means going behind enemy lines into the birthplace that she doesn’t remember. Oror – the enigmatic northern country, the legendary home of the werewolves, and the one place that no southerner has ever returned from. Yet it’s exactly where Ayse must dare to go… The war between the two countries threatens to expose the true nature of werewolves and shifters alike to the world. Torn between helping her past tribe and the werewolves who hold the key to her future, Ayse attempts the impossible task of trying to save everyone. But ultimately, where will her loyalties lie?

Meg lives in the beautiful countryside of Devon, where she is lucky enough to be close to both the stunning moorland and the picturesque seaside. By day, Meg works as a Content Writer, writing and editing copy, and by night she feeds her other obsessions of reading, gaming and creative writing.

Follow Meg Pelliccio on social media and check out her exciting fantasy book, “Vulpini”, on Amazon!

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