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Facebook Live Killings: Ethics and Law Research Paper

This week for my Law and Ethics class for my MA in Business Admin and Marketing, I had to write a research paper about the recent spike in Facebook Live murders and suicides being broadcast to the world, and what responsibility Facebook should hold in these cases. Since this was still a practice in my writing skills, I thought I would share it with everyone. Please feel free to comment at the end of the paper, but please no hate comments about my opinions on the matter. Debates are okay, but please be respectful of others' opinions as well.

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Writer Habits: Marketing Pt 2- Creating a Sales Pitch

Today is all about creating a sales pitch for your book or your brand! Something many of us authors dread to even think about! I don't know about you, but I'm an introvert to the max. I cringe at the thought of explaining my book to anyone, let alone talking it up like it's the best book ever written. But we have to if we plan to have any sales! Here's a cringe-free way to do that.

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Writer Habits: Marketing Part 1- Branding and the Sales Funnel

This is a topic many authors, especially self-published like myself, don't like to talk about. If you're like me, when you became a writer with dreams of publishing your books, you thought about the actual writing, the storytelling, the outlining, the editing, possibly about social media, but that's it. That's why I have a Bachelor's Degree in English instead of Marketing. I thought it was the most important part of being an author, but in reality it's only a part of the puzzle.