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Writer Habits: Marketing Pt 2- Creating a Sales Pitch

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On Friday we talked about branding and the marketing funnel. You can find that article HERE

Today is all about creating a sales pitch for your book or your brand! Something many of us authors dread to even think about! I don’t know about you, but I’m an introvert to the max. I cringe at the thought of explaining my book to anyone, let alone talking it up like it’s the best book ever written. But we have to if we plan to have any sales! Here’s a cringe-free way to do that.

Step 1: Introduction


It’s plain and simple. This is where you quickly explain why a customer should give your book the time of day. Best to start with something that will grab their attention, like a relatable story or a fun fact. I’m going to try to apply this to my own book as I go, because I have yet to write a sales pitch for any of my books. (I know, I’m bad)

Example: … wow this is harder than I thought!


“Physics students at Leicester University calculated that in as little as 100 days, humans would be outnumbered a million-to-one if an infectious “zombie virus” were to strike.” according to Charlotte England of Independent. But what happens during those first 100 days?


Step 2:Problem


This is where we are supposed to show that we understand the problem the customer is facing. To buy or not to buy? This part seems fairly simple to me when it comes to books, only because it’s very rare to find a book out there that cannot be compared to another in some way. Why buy this one if there are already others like it?

Example: I know what you’re thinking…What makes this zombie book different from the other thousands out there already?


Step 3: Solution


This is where you talk about how your product is a solution to the problem you stated above. Mention key features of the book and how it will benefit the reader.

Example: hmmm…..another tough one.

…oh boy….

The difference in “Dead Soil” is its realistic quality. Set in a town that actually exists, the characters go through things that would be very real should a zombie apocalypse occur, but are rarely discussed in popular zombie fiction. Shortage of medical supplies, such as antibiotics? Something as simple as a urinary tract infection could take your life. Faced with a ravenous zombie about to devour your loved one? There are those that would turn and run away, choosing to be haunted by the screams forever than face possible death. Makes sense that if you were bitten you wouldn’t risk going home to say goodbye to your family, right? Not for some people. Ammo runs out. People make mistakes that cost their lives or the lives of others. Zombies are slow, but relentless. Power fails. The problems of the world, such as weather, still exist. And the risen dead are not the only killers anymore.


Step 4: Objections


This is the part that I hate the most! How do I handle an objection over someone buying my own book? As a car sales associate, it was easy for me to argue someone else’s product. I believed in Jeep and it didn’t feel like self-pride to say, but this feature is so cool! And no one else has it! This is where you plan for common objections for book buyers. An example would be price. Instead of being scared to price your book competitively with the others similar to it, fearing it will be too much, justify why your book is worth that much.

Example: Customer- Yeah, it sounds good. But I don’t know if I want to spend that much on a no-name author.

Me- I completely understand. Sometimes I’m the exact same way! My husband calls me “book snob” (laugh together…hopefully) But every author was once a no-name with a first book to sell. I can guarantee this book is worth the price. Whether you like action, love, heartbreak, realistic quality, great dialogue, horror—“Dead Soil” has all of it! And if you still feel like the price is out of your reach, it is available on Kindle for $3.99 and on audiobook through Audible.


Step 5: Call to Action


This is where you tell them to buy your book. Eek! Did you just feel that shiver go down your back? Are the hairs sticking up on your arms? It’s the scariest part of the sales pitch! Everyone has a fear of rejection and this step plays right into that. Just remember, the worst they can do is say no, but they could say yes! Be direct and make it easy to say yes. Invite them to purchase your book rather than tell them and if that still doesn’t work, you can always offer a free trial. Have samples available to hand out maybe? Ooo, that’s a good idea!

Example: If you buy “Dead Soil” now as opposed to later on Amazon, there’s no shipping fee and you’ll have a signed copy that’s 10% off.  (Wait for them to say yes or no. If they say no, then you can offer you the free sample) Well, then can I offer you a few free sample chapters? It’s risk-free reading that might introduce you to an author that could become your new favorite?

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If they still say no after that, thank them and tell them to have a wonderful day, because they ain’t buyin’!


Have you created a sales pitch for your author brand or one of your books? I have to admit, this was hard but fun to do and it makes me want to do it for all my books, though I still dread the idea of turning around and saying these words aloud to a potential reader!

Post an example of one of your sales pitches in the comments section, or feel free to give advice on the examples for my book “Dead Soil” I used above! I’d love your input!

Available in paperback, Kindle, and audio through Amazon! Click the cover now!


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