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Book Review: Never Never by Serena Valentino

The more I read this series the more I like it and realize just how much planning and thought went into it. Each book ties into the next, culminating in the story of the Odd Sisters and how each of the villain's stories are a part of their own fairy tale book where they write the fate of the villains.


Book Review: The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

★★★★★ I am a huge lover of cultural anthropology, mythology, folklore, and fairy tales, and this was by far the best book I have read in a long time! It's categorized as YA Fantasy/Folklore/Fairy tale but it does not feel YA at all when you read it. A lot of Russian cultural research went into… Continue reading Book Review: The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden


Revolutionary Belle’s Reading List

I am currently researching for my upcoming historical fiction/ fairytale mashup of "Beauty and the Beast" with the French Revolution. Belle is the main character, of course, and yes, she loves to read anything she can get her hands on! Her father is a successful trading merchant for Versailles and he always brings her back a book from wherever he goes. Her favorite is Gulliver's Travels, because she hopes to get out of France someday and...continue reading on blog

book reviews, reading

“Zombie Fairy Tales” by Kevin Richey

  4 OUT OF 5 STARS!!     My boyfriend recommended I read this book when I complained about not having any original zombie stories to read lately. Since my three-year-old is obsessed with Disney princesses right now and me still with zombies, he thought this would be a great book for me...and boy, was… Continue reading “Zombie Fairy Tales” by Kevin Richey