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Book Review: Never Never by Serena Valentino

The more I read this series the more I like it and realize just how much planning and thought went into it. Each book ties into the next, culminating in the story of the Odd Sisters and how each of the villain’s stories are a part of their own fairy tale book where they write the fate of the villains.

I really liked Captain Hook’s story. The series has gotten better in its story telling as its gone on. He is a villain that we don’t really know much about. Why is he an adult in Neverland? But all is explained in this entertaining story that mixes pirate history with fairy tale. (my favorite kind of story!) James’ mentor will be a familiar name to all, which makes the story all the more dear, as if it really could be true! It was an easy read that had the pages flipping fast for me.

The author did a great job of humanizing James Hook and making me feel for him and his fate. This was one of those rare stories where I could actually see his side and how he got to where he is, a dastardly pirate trying too capture Tinker Bell and kill Peter Pan. She did a great job and I highly recommend this series and this book.


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