New and Upcoming Releases

The third installment in the Zooey Zombie series is now available through Kindle and for free with Kindle Unlimited for a limited time!

It’s an Undead Thing (Zooey Zombie #1)

Zooey Beckett isn’t like other girls. For starters, she’s a zombie.

“I loved It’s an Undead Thing so much that I highly recommend it to all zombie fans! One-click your copy of It’s an Undead Thing for a new twist on zombies!” – 5 Star Review

After the zombie plague broke out, the government did their best to keep the monsters under control until a cure was created. After months of roaming the Boston Common, Zooey awakes to find herself in a strange place with men in lab coats. She is no longer a zombie, but what they now call “The Undead”, someone who had been brought back to life after being a zombie. During her three weeks in the Undead rehabilitation ward she learns what life outside has in store for her (and it’s not pretty). Meeting the others and hearing their stories, she begins to question the lessons they’re being taught by the staff that seem to recoil at the sight of them. One by one, the Undead disappear behind a pair of black double doors if they dare to question the treatment they’re being provided. Can Zooey survive the three weeks to make it back home?

“This is he first in this series and my first story by this author, who has found a really interesting angle on the genre. The writing is excellent with good characters that you care about, there is a feel of a conspiracy, lots of mental struggles to keep you engrossed. I look forward to following Zooey’s story in he outside world.” – 5 Star Review

So Over the Undead (Zooey Zombie #2)

Zooey is ready to re-enter society…but what if society doesn’t want her?

“I literally could not put this book down!! It is a totally original take on Zombies. Very entertaining and excellent realistic characters. Brought up a lot of points that I have never considered. I can’t wait to binge read the next one!!” – 5 Star Review

Zooey is back and she’s learning how life is going to be for her now that she’s an Undead. There are laws to protect this new race of human and their rights, but she quickly realizes many don’t want them to be able to go to school or work or even live in the same neighborhoods as regular people. As Zooey tries to piece her life back together she gets caught up in a social nightmare as the human race fights back against the Undead. Can Zooey stand up for her new race and be heard or will her voice fall on deaf ears? In light of recent attacks being blamed on the Undead reverting back to their zombie state, it’s harder than ever to find support.

“This is what I like to call a “cozy” zombie apocalypse story, that means is that I could read it again and again it’s that entertaining. The world building is different and exciting because it is post-apocalyptic, I loved this, and the world is rebuilding but with a twist…this was such an enjoyable story with the same underlying issues as we have today. What a compelling read for zombie readers and lovers a like.” – 5 Star Review

Undeniably Undead (Zooey Zombie #3)

There’s no way around it anymore. Zooey is undeniably Undead.

Zooey has been snatched from her home by the Z-Division of the National Guard and thrown into a gated town for the Undead. Her only escape is when she takes the forty-five minute bike ride back into the city of Boston to work as a zombie in an escape room, ironically. But fate deals her a generous hand when her soldier friend, Miles, is reassigned to be the guard at her new apartment complex. Miles tries to brighten Zooey’s bleak surroundings but she resists, afraid of being stuck there permanently. Zooey tries to find solace in her only Undead friend, Ren, but he is distracted cooking up a new drug to help the Undead become a superior race to fight for their rights and win. Meanwhile, Zooey’s best friend, Elizabeth, is interning under Christine Moore (Yes, the Christine Moore from the popular Dead Soil trilogy!), the world famous Undead lawyer and activist. Together, they will try to win back the freedom the Undead of Boston deserve. But could Ren’s new drug derail all their hard work? And will Zooey be able to survive this new level of prejudice society is throwing at her?

“I was not expecting that.. should I have been? Well, I do not want to wait for the next one.” – 5 Star Review

“I love Alex Apostol’s stories of Zooey and the challenges she faces. The book draws you in, making you feel for Zooey as she has to find a way to go on with her undead life. Are the shots helping, will she relapse or her friends relapse. Her friends that are human, when will she see them again, she misses them so much. Will Ren’s new medicine/drug help or harm those taking it. You get so involved it’s as though you know and understand her struggles. You will enjoy this new book in the series as you will enjoy any of Alex Apostol’s book” – 5 Star Review

“I love this world that was created for Undeniably Undead and can’t seem to get enough of it. Each of the Zooey Zombie books grabbed my attention from the first page and never let up. I don’t think that I will ever forget about Zooey Zombie. I love the new twists on zombies. I like getting to see the life of an undead. Of how they live and are treated by the living. I felt so bad for Zooey on more than one occasion when she was with a living person. I know they are scared and don’t know what to expect from an undead but couldn’t they just give them a chance to prove themselves one way or another? What if it was a member of their family? Undeniably Undead kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see where the story was going next. The suspense alone kept me turning the pages. Once I picked up Undeniably Undead there was definitely no way I was going to lay it down until I had read the last page.” – 5 Star Review

Here’s What’s Coming Next

My Little Island Life is the story of one young woman who marries a US Navy sailor on a whim. Together, they move to the island of Oahu. She thought life in paradise would be a dream but quickly it spirals into a living nightmare. Based on true events, My Little Island life will come to Kindle and Kindle Unlimited this June 2023! Until then, read all of Alex Apostol’s books for free with Kindle Unlimited for a limited time or start any series, including the completed YA Fantasy series Chronicles of a Supernatural Huntsman or the Zombie Survival series Dead Soil, for only $0.99.


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