Revolutionary Belle’s Reading List

I am currently researching for my upcoming historical fiction/ fairytale mashup of "Beauty and the Beast" with the French Revolution. Belle is the main character, of course, and yes, she loves to read anything she can get her hands on! Her father is a successful trading merchant for Versailles and he always brings her back a book from wherever he goes. Her favorite is Gulliver's Travels, because she hopes to get out of France someday and...continue reading on blog

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Book Review: “As Old as Time” by Liz Braswell

This is the second Twisted Tale Disney book I've read (after the Sleeping Beauty one, which I didn't care for much). I was skeptical going in because the first one I read felt too modern teen-y to be the beloved fairy tale Disney made so long ago. I was worried this one would ruin Belle by making her a modern whiny teenager who said things like "oh my god" and "like" all the time. But I really liked this one!