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Book Review: “As Old as Time” by Liz Braswell

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is the second Twisted Tale Disney book I’ve read (after the Sleeping Beauty one, which I didn’t care for much). I was skeptical going in because the first one I read felt too modern teen-y to be the beloved fairy tale Disney made so long ago. I was worried this one would ruin Belle by making her a modern whiny teenager who said things like “oh my god” and “like” all the time. But I really liked this one! There were times when Belle didn’t really feel like Belle from the Disney classic, but she was also going through things she didn’t go through in the movie so I get it. She was, however, strong and proactive and smart, just like the Belle I’ve come to know and love. This book did a good job of using familiar characters and twisting them a bit to create little mysteries to keep the reader interested. The story was well-thought-out and flowed nicely. I loved how she created a new backstory for Belle to unravel as she followed the mysteries of the castle. It was a page-turner for me, definitely at the end when everything was wrapping up. The ending was superb! I loved how it didn’t quite go as I thought it would, all wrapped up nice and perfect, but it was still happy for everyone involved. I would recommend this to anyone who likes Disney princesses or fairy tales. As a 33-year-old adult, I did not feel this was too geared toward teens for me to enjoy it.

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Happy reading, everyone! Check back often for new reviews and recommendations. Stay home, stay safe, and stay health. Remember, we’re in this together!

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