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Character Inspiration for “Wayfare Angel”

Coming Friday, May 8th

Chronicles of a Supernatural Huntsman is the first book series I ever worked on. I started developing Kamlyn Paige and her band of misfit friends back in 2012 before I knew anything about writing or publishing. Now, this Friday May 8th, I am releasing the fourth book in this supernatural thriller series and I am so excited! To celebrate I created some character profile photos and wanted to share with you what these guys are up to in their latest novel.

Kamlyn Paige is the star of the show. We first met her in “Broken Angel” (book 1) grieving the death of her five-year-old son. This girl has been through some seriously tough times. She got pregnant right after high school graduation with a boy who ended up abandoning her in her time of need. Her parents stuck by her, but tragically died in a car accident before she ever gave birth. She spent her early twenties changing diapers and loving her son like no mother had before, with the help of her live-in life-long friend Cara. When her son was mysteriously murdered by a hooded figure in the night, Kamlyn all but fell apart until a neighbor found her and opened her eyes to a whole new underground world of supernatural beings. She trained with the Chamber of Darkness to become a Huntsman and finally have her revenge of the demon-goddess, Lamia, for what she did to Kamlyn’s son. Fast forward to “Wayfare Angel”, and Kamlyn has traveled through a portal to the realm of witches, dragons, fairies, and more to seek alliances to win the coming war against the fallen angels. I love Kamlyn because she is supernatural with awesome abilities most of us would kill for, but she is also flawed, quirky, and extremely down-to-earth.

Jake is Kamlyn’s newfound half-brother. We first met him in “Hunted Angel” (book 3), though he looked very much different there than he does now in “Wayfare Angel”. I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that Jake is one of the most complicated characters I have ever written. He has lived a life so different from anyone in existence that I really had to dig deep to get in touch with his emotions, which are sometimes too feral for his own good. But he is extremely loyal and protective of his small family, Kamlyn especially, and willing to do whatever it takes to win the war against Tamiel and his fallen angels. He walks a thin line between the side of Light and the side of Darkness as he tries to protect the ones he loves.

Tamiel is a fallen angel, banished to earth centuries ago. He’s tired of being a prisoner here and he’s ready to take the world for himself, destroying all of mankind to get what he wants. It’s a secret war happening right underneath the noses of the humans and the person charging headfirst on the side of the Light is his own daughter.

Don has been Kamlyn’s mentor and father-figure ever since he found her crumpled on the ground in tears on the sidewalk in front of his house in “Broken Angel” (book 1). He sponsored her in her Huntsman training and showed her the ropes, promising redemption and revenge every step of the way. He’s sarcastic, gruff, tough, and a bit hilarious if you get his sense of humor…but he has secrets hidden inside him that he doesn’t want anyone to find out. And when the truth comes out it will devastate all who care about him.

John Weston was first introduced to the story in “Earth Angel” (book 2) as a case Kamlyn works and nothing more. She saved him from a vengeful spirit hellbent on murdering him. But no one can un-see the things Kamlyn showed him. With his life forever changed, he set out on the road to hunt the supernatural solo, without any training or sponsorship from the Chamber of Darkness. Kamlyn and John’s paths cross again in “Hunted Angel” (book 3) and he’s been by her side ever sense. He has no superpowers, except for his sense of humor and incredible ability to get under Jake’s skin, but he’s loyal to the end. Oh, and he’s also the love interest, for a lack of a better term, but it’s complicated. Of course, right? Because when is love ever uncomplicated?

Holly Everest was Kamlyn’s roommate during Huntsman training at the Chamber of Darkness in “Broke Angel” (book 1). She collected some scars along the way, but she has always been one tough teen. In “Hunted Angel” (book 3) she found her way back to Kamlyn and on the side against the Chamber of Darkness as its alliances shift away from the Light. She’s always been an excellent swordsman and archer, but there’s more lying deep inside her she never knew about. It’s not until their trip to Arianthe, the land of witches, when she figures out who she truly is meant to be.

Ryker and Kamlyn have had a complicated past. We first met Ryker at the Chamber of Darkness in “Broken Angel”. He was a twelfth generation Huntsman with an odious air of entitlement that Kamlyn couldn’t stand. He knew Kamlyn did not come from Huntsman lineage and he zeroed in on her immediately, making it his mission to make Huntsman training hell for her so she would quit. But there’s always more than meets the eye, especially with a bully. Pushed into being a Huntsman by his family, hunting the supernatural was the last thing he wanted. Fast forward to “Wayfare Angel” and a friendship has been formed between Kamlyn and Ryker, though the subtle jabs and sneers still live on. When the group consults with the games dates, Ryker learns that he has a destiny with the supernatural after all, and it’s nothing like he expected!

Queen Ava is new to the series and she certainly makes an impression. She is the witch queen of Arianthe and also Kamlyn’s newfound half-sister. She resides in an ice palace atop the tallest mountain, heavily guarded and isolated. But the ice melts as she gets to know Kamlyn and all she’s been through to get there. She agrees to teach Kamlyn her angelic power of weather manipulation to aid in her fight against Tamiel and his fallen angels.

Prince Alexander is Queen Ava’s twin and he’s just as protective of her as Jake is of Kamlyn. He is the general of the Arianthe army and a dragon rider to boot. It takes a lot of patience and time for this closed off brother to open up to Kamlyn and teach her his angelic power of emotional manipulation.

Cara is Kamlyn’s life-long best friend. She’s always been there for Kamlyn and even moved in with her when Kamlyn’s parents died to help her raise her son. She is bright and positive and a devoted Christian, which are all different from Kamlyn’s core personality but they somehow compliment each other. At the end of “Hunted Angel” (book 3) Cara is cursed into a deep and unshakable sleep by the new head of the Chamber of Darkness. Kamlyn saves her and travels to the realm of witches in hopes that they will be able to wake her. Even though for most of the “Wayfare Angel” Cara is simply an unconscious body being carted around, she really drives the story. She brings out feelings in Kamlyn and Don like never before and forces them to face things they never thought they’d have to face. Her condition challenges everyone involved to push themselves to their limits in order to save her from an eternal sleep. With her honey-golden hair and peaceful face, I couldn’t think of a better character inspirational picture except that of Sleeping Beauty herself.

We first met this elemental witch back in Maine in “Earth Angel” where she was living with her three sisters, but when her sister Adena, their fire element, went a little off the deep end, Brook and her other two sisters left without a trace. Now her coven is searching for a new fire element and Kamlyn may have the right witch for them. Her personality matches that of the water; cool, calm, collected on most days but can be fierce when she needs to be.

Aura is my favorite of the three in the elemental witch coven. Each witch I designed their personalities around their element. Aura is wind which is why her hair is big and crazy and messy and she has a wild look in her eyes. In “Earth Angel” she conjured up a tornado to destroy their quaint Maine home like it was nothing. In “Wayfare Angel” she is still impetuous, quick to laugh, speaks without thinking, and is an all around joy to have in the group again.

Demi is the youngest of the three witch sisters. She is the earth element so I created her to be quiet, organic, innocent, and peaceful. She is still deeply wounded from the abuse inflicted on her at such a young age first by her mother and then by her oldest sister, Adena. We first met her in “Earth Angel” and she really steps up and does what needs to be done to ensure her safety and the safety of her sisters, but it comes at a cost. A piece of her innocence was stolen that day and she’ll never get it back.

Jedrak is not a huge character is “Wayfare Angel” but he is still one of my favorite. I definitely want to include him in the story again down the road when we meet the good people of Arianthe again. Jedrak is the best friend of Prince Alexander and second in command of the Arianthe militia. Everyone there trusts him with their life. His loyalty is never in question. All of this will be put to the test as the war with the fallen angels encroaches on Arianthe’s borders.

So, there you have it; a quick look at the main characters of “Wayfare Angel” and the Chronicles of a Supernatural Huntsman series. These character representations are purely for inspirational purposes and are not owned by me in any way. I just made minor editing adjustments to add the names and bios and make it more their own. This has been a fun project for me nonetheless and I feel it has brought me closer to my beloved characters. I’ve always loved the supernatural and unexplainable so this is a series that I truly enjoy creating and writing. These characters have become real to me, like family, and I hope you love them as much as I do. Please check them out in my Amazon exclusive series; (Click the covers for more information)

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