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Journaling Through Quarantine

COVID-19 quarantine has been in effect for weeks now and if you’re anything like me then you’re starting to go a little stir crazy, am I right? One fun thing to do that I never really seemed to have time for before is journaling. Weird, since I design journals, but it’s true. Life gets in the way. But one of the positives of this quarantine time is that it has forced everyone to slow down and enjoy the little things that normally get pushed to the wayside. But journaling is not only a time filler, it’s great for our minds as well! Depending on the journal, it can keep you on track with your goals, help you to strengthen your faith, help you to keep organized, or help you to reflect on your life and develop a deeper knowledge of who you are and what makes you so remarkably unique. So, I wanted to share some of the journals I’ve designed in the hopes of filling some of your quarantine downtime and hopefully helping you to grow a little too.

If you’re an author like me then you’ll definitely want to check out my Novel Notes journals. I have the standalone novel version, the 3 book series version, and the pocket side notes version. I also created My Writing Journal, which helps you keep on track with writing goals and daily word counts. Novel Notes 2nd edition has become a staple in my daily writing life.

If you are a horse-lover/owner/leaser/competitor/rider/lesson-taker then My Riding Journal is for you. Designed specifically for my own use while I leased and took lessons a cutie little horsey in town, it proved most helpful to keep me focused and improving.

If you are a more traditional journaler who wants to reflect on life and answer some introspective questions then This Is Me is right for you. It even has sections to help you dig into your family history and tree to see where you come from.

Have a desire to grow your own herbs and blend your own tea creations? Yeah I had a few weeks of that fever too, so I created a journal for it! Never actually started the garden or blended my own teas, but I had the best intentions, I swear. If you have more follow through than me, you should take a look at Journal of Homegrown Herbs and Organic Tea Blends.

And last but certainly not least, my daily Christian journal. This is a two parter each day; morning goals and evening reflections. Grow closer to God and deeper faith by being proactive.

Whatever journal you choose, you’ll never regret the time spent in it. Stay happy and stay healthy during quarantine!

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