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“Zombie Fairy Tales” by Kevin Richey






My boyfriend recommended I read this book when I complained about not having any original zombie stories to read lately. Since my three-year-old is obsessed with Disney princesses right now and me still with zombies, he thought this would be a great book for me…and boy, was he right!

You can either purchase the short stories individually or buy the collection, which I did. All your favorite Disney princesses are in there from Snow White to Pocahontas to Ariel. Even Pinocchio and Peter Pan play big roles in the story’s development. The great thing about these stories was that they all fit together somehow. Characters from previous stories would show up later, even just for cameos. It was kind of an inspiration to me while I was reading it. I would love to write a series of short stories that intertwine. I guess I already do that somewhat with my “Dead Beginnings” novellas, but it’s an interesting concept I’d like to explore more as a writer.

The broad spectrum of readers this could appeal to is something the author did well. If you like action, adventure, children stories, zombies, gore, horror, princesses, family drama, love, hurt…it has everything! If I had to pick a narrower category to recommend this book to I would say if you like Grimm Fairy Tales you might like this horror twist to it, or if you like zombie books then this seems fresh and is still plenty gory.

This is definitely a book I would keep in my Kindle library and would most likely read again after some time went by and I forgot all the details. While I was reading it, it was hard to put down! The ONLY downside I can say about it would be that sometimes the stories were too long without a stopping point, so I had to finish and entire story in one sitting. Take that as you will, it was still an awesome book! Read it!

The book currently sits at #225 for mashups and #917 for Fairy Tales. Not too shabby!

Here is the book’s summary on Amazon:

Death and Pixie Dust!

Once upon a time, a mysterious plague beset a quiet village in the woods—a plague of the walking dead. Suddenly, beloved fairy tale characters are thrown into a world of stark violence and horror: Cinderella is worked to death before the ball, Pinocchio is made from children’s corpses, and Little Red Riding Hood finds more than wolves in the forest.

Surreal and full of black humor, Zombie Fairy Tales is a genre-bending narrative of a world on the brink of apocalypse, a world with no happily ever afters.

Collected here are all 12 original Zombie Fairy Tales, plus a new 13th tale exclusive to this collection!

And you can


to purchase the collection on Amazon Kindle for only $3.99 right now!

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