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Book Review: “So This is Love” by Elizabeth Lim

This was one of the best books in the series by far. I like Lim's writing style probably most out of all the authors who write for this series. She has a beautiful way with words and her writing doesn't feel out of place for a period piece, but also it doesn't feel like it's trying to hard either.

book reviews

Book Review: Rereading “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” as an Adult

Observations, things I forgot about, things I noticed this time around as an adult that I missed as a kid. There's so much that goes on when rereading my childhood favorite!

book reviews

Book Review: “The Book of Magic” by Alice Hoffman

This was a great conclusion to the Practical Magic series. I loved that all the ones that came out prior to this were all prequels to Practical Magic. This is the only one that follows up what happens to the family after their adventures in Practical Magic. Sally's girls are in their 20s and on their own, protected from knowing about magic all their lives but that catches up to them. For someone like me who has read the book once but seen the movies a thousand times, it gets confusing for me because the characters are inverted; Sally's girls are opposite in the book and the aunts are opposite in the books, or I guess in the movie. Messes with my memory of the story and I have to stop and think, wait which one is this?

Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: S.A. Gensch

My name is S.A. Gensch, I'm a wife and mother from Colorado. Before I became a published indie author, I spent a lot of time writing fanfiction to get my creativity (or craziness) out in the world.


Rereading Harry Potter as an Adult

Harry Potter is one of those stories you can read over and over again. I was eleven when the first book came out so it was especially magical for me to grow up with the trio, the same age as them. I read through the entire series as it came out, once more as a fresh twenty-something in college, and now I have reread the first one as a 34 year old wife and mom. It's funny how when your perspective changes the stories seem to change as well. I find myself relating and listening more to the teachers and adults in the stories than the kids, which is great because they have some really fantastic wisdom to impart. I wanted to share my journey of rereading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone as an adult with you, sharing the things I forgot about and also the things I noticed as an adult that I didn't notice as a kid.