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New Release: “This Is Me: A Guided Journal to Self-Discovery” is Live on Amazon!


My newest release is now available on Amazon! This is Me is a guided journal to help readers figure out who they are and why they are the way they are. Inside you’ll find everything you need to create an all-encompass journal about you!

I came up with the idea for This Is Me while I was on my own hunt for a self-discovery journal. I wanted to have all my information in one place; history, past, present, and future. But I was having no luck finding such a journal on Amazon. There were plenty of gratitude journals and self-discovery journals with random questions about you, but nothing that held everything and dug deep. That’s why I created this journal. It was more for myself than anything, but I hope that others can enjoy it as well!

Family History: Small family tree, Heritage Chart, Family History Map, Family Heirloom Record, Family Military History, Family Descriptions, and Family Medical History.
Childhood: birth to 5th grade: Memories, friends, things learned, Influential Discussions.
Middle School: 6th-8th grade: Memories, friends, discussions, things learned.
High School: 9th-12th grade: Memories, friends, romantic relationships, relationship insights, things learned, family memories.
Young Adult: 18-29 years old: Memories, friends, romantic relationships, relationship insights, things learned, family memories, advice and lessons.
Right Now: Who are you now? Friendships, love life, parenting
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