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Recent Release: “This Is Me”: A Guided Journal to Self-Discovery

This Is Me cover


I completed the interior and exterior designs of my latest non-fiction release titled “This Is Me” A Guided Journal to Self-Discovery. Right now it is under review, but I would love your feedback on the project before it is published.

The Cover: With the cover design, I wanted something simple, pretty, but not too feminine since the journal can be used by men and women. That is why I chose a forest green and grey color. I really loved the purple-wine color, but I knew guys wouldn’t want to carry that around or be seen with it. Agree? I also didn’t put description on the back because how to use the journal is on the inside of the book and again, I wanted to keep it simple and peaceful looking. I also didn’t include an author photo, because really…who wants a photo of someone else on their own personal journal? Mistake I made on my Novel Notes journals.

The size of the journal is 5.5X8.5″, which I’m a little on the fence about. My writing journals are 8X10″ and that’s a good size for writing at the desk, but for this journal I wanted something people could carry around. This is a good size for that, but now I’m not sure if it will be too hard to write in because it might be too small. Maybe should have done 6X9″. I’ll have to order a proof and see.

The Interior: This journal encompasses everything I was looking for in a self-discovery journal. As a result it is 200 pages long. The categories inside include;

Family History: Small family tree, Heritage Chart, Family History Map, Family Heirloom Record, Family Military History, Family Descriptions, and Family Medical History.
Childhood: birth to 5th grade: Memories, friends, things learned, Influential Discussions.
Middle School: 6th-8th grade: Memories, friends, discussions, things learned.
High School: 9th-12th grade: Memories, friends, romantic relationships, relationship insights, things learned, family memories.
Young Adult: 18-29 years old: Memories, friends, romantic relationships, relationship insights, things learned, family memories, advice and lessons.
Right Now: Who are you now? Friendships, love life, parenting
About the author and journal.

When I went searching for a self-discovery journal they were either just full of random questions you fill out once a day, or they only touched on one or two of the subjects above. I wanted a journal that could be a record of me and my life: before me, my past, my present, and my hopes for the future. That’s why I built this one.


Please post your opinions and comments about my upcoming new release “This Is Me: A Guided Journal to Self-Discovery” in the section below! I would love to hear from you.

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