Author Alex Apostol Opens Used Bookstore!


After years of planning, author Alex Apostol has finally launched a new business. (And of course, it has to do with books!) With nine published books out, it only felt natural for this Amazon author to expand her love of books with her own store. Currently, she sells used books for great prices online!

“If this takes off, then I will be able to save enough to open a brick and mortar store in my hometown’s bustling downtown area. It’s a great place to have one and I’m surprised at its lack of book retail. Being a college town, I would love to create a place for students, kids, and adults to relax, read a book, and drink a good cup of coffee that isn’t $5.00 a cup.”

With a sleek design and simple shopping, The Quivering Quill Bookshop is great for people wanting to browse for their next weekend read. If they have something specific in mind, the search bar at the top makes it easy to find any book by title or author.

Paired with her love of Halloween, Alex Apostol has gathered up her store’s spooky reads into one category. Get your ghost stories now before they’re all gone!



“My love of books doesn’t end with writing them.”

-Alex Apostol

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