“Girl’s Like Us” Triss and Hailey’s Roadtrip Stops

mark twain lakeMark-Twain-SP-001  4863710889_15bd5ee87c  4863724837_0c54b9c802_z

Hailey and Triss lived in Center, Missouri for all their lives, from the time they were born till Hailey went off to college in Honolulu, Hawaii with Triss right by her side. The girls frequented the Hale Koa Military Hotel luau for good food, drinks, and dancing.


The roadtrip begins in Norfolk, Virginia where the girls lived for the last six years, since Hailey graduated from the University of Hawaii with a bachelor’s in Marketing. She got a job right out of college at a large company in downtown Norfolk. Triss came along to continue living with Hailey while she worked her way up from Bud Light promo girl to manager of the Bud Light promo girls of Norfolk.

CharlestonSlider  Charleston-South-Carolina

The first stop the girls make is in Charleston, South Carolina, even though they’d only been driving for six and a half hours. Triss claims she wants one more camping night on the east coast for old times sake, but what she doesn’t tell Hailey is that she invited all their Norfolk friends to join them for one last goodbye bonfire party!

2518684765_d56a3e7e7d_z  al_yall_come_all

The infamous hog man gas station in Alabama. It’s safe to say the girls don’t stop again till they are far away from here.

Backyard graff  SN850262

When they stop at a gas station Subway for dinner, the girls notice it’s next door to a small casino shanty and they’re not able to leave until they have a peek inside and maybe a turn on the slot machines. Triss makes friends with some local boys and the girls end up staying the night at their house where they’re having a big backyard party.


Van Horn, Texas is where the girls have a close call run-in with the law. It’s a good thing Triss can make up a convincing story on the spot and fake cry like her grandma just died.

Sonoran Desert Road at Sunset

A deserted street in the middle of a desert is not the place to get a flat tire. Good thing Hailey knows a little bit about fixing things on cars. She gets down and gets dirty to get them out of there while Triss stands around. It isn’t till Hailey has the tire off though that Triss tells her she doesn’t have a spare. Luckily, cowboys are always not too far away to help.


Beautiful San Diego, California is the destination, but can the girls’ friendship withstand all the roadtrip (and Triss) puts them through?

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