Inspirational Photos for Girls Like Us

Girls Like Us - High Resolution a novel
 I’ve started working on my third book titled Girls Like Us. The book is a comedy about the life-long friendship between two girls in their mid-twenties as they travel across the country together. Right now I am in the process of outlining and finding inspiration for the characters and their stops in their roadtrip from Norfolk, Virginia to San Diego, California. Beatrice “Triss” is fun-loving, wild, and free while her best friend, Hailey, is more grounded, loyal, and strong-willed. Here are some photos I found to inspire the bond I’m trying to write about.

Hailey and Triss when they first met at the age of seven in elementary school. They met at recess when Hailey was making snow angels. Triss asked if she could play too.

hailey and triss first met

Ever since that winter day, they were inseparable- truly best friends forever!

hailey and triss very younghailey and triss very young 2

As they grew older, their friendship only grew stronger. Boys came and went, but Hailey and Triss never lost sight of their sisterly bond.

hailey and triss teenagershailey and triss twohailey and triss youngerhailey and triss college 2

They avoided trouble like pros during high school, Triss always leading the way, and the fun didn’t stop once they were in college either. Hailey left for the University of Hawaii and Triss was right behind her.

hailey and triss collegetriss and hailey

While Hailey earned her degree (major still undecided for me, not for Hailey. She’s very grounded)…

hailey 3HaileyHailey 2

Triss was living it up, spending her days on the beach and working at Hooters in Honolulu.

Triss on the beach11135499805_9e8cf1423d_ntriss 2hootershonolulu

Though their lives went in separate directions, Hailey and Triss never did.

hailey and triss honolulu

Now their friendship will be tested as they make their way from Norfolk, Virginia to San Diego, California with many hilarious stops along the way.

DN-SC-86-02406Trissalabama pig at gas stationgetting pulled overTwo girls are fixing a changing a tire.

The friendship of Hailey and Triss rivals that of Thelma and Louise!


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