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Book Review: “What Once Was Mine” by Liz Braswell


This Twisted Tale was set up a little differently than the others. It starts with a young girl who has cancer and her brother. While she gets treatments he reads her Rapunzel, her favorite story. He’s tired of it so he decided to make up a Rapunzel story that’s different. That’s how we get the Twisted Tale. I liked this set up a lot. Throughout the story we have short two page chapters that go back to these two characters and their thoughts on the story.

The twist is that Rapunzel’s mom didn’t drink a tea made of the Sundrop flower to gain healing. She drank of the moon drop flower. It gives Rapunzel silver hair. And they believe instead of healing her hair has the power to kill. This is why she’s locked away. But she gets out to see the lights and meets Flynn and another rascal named Gina. They try to take her to the lights but a new adventure unfolds. Rapunzel learns the true powers of her hair that changes with the phases of the moon. Another twist is Mother Gothel is trying to sell her off to the highest bidder. This is where we see the terrifying historical figure, Bathory, who likes to bathe in the blood of virgins. I won’t give it all away, but it was a very interesting and creative twist I really got into.

This story was one of the best in the series. It kept me interested and the characters were familiar and fun. The author did a good job bringing them to life in a new way.

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