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Book Review: “Lore” by Alexandra Bracken

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is one of the best books I have read in a very long time (and I’m not just saying that because I am Greek, although it didn’t hurt that I had ties to the story). If you love mythology mixed with YA Urban Fantasy then this is a great read for you! With a strong female heroine, a sexy love interest, and a fight to survive, “Lore” definitely kept the pages turning late into the night!

Right away I loved the main character, Melora aka Lore. She gave me some really heavy new Tomb Raider (Alicia Vikander) vibes when she was boxing and being an all around badass. At first I had no idea how old she was. I was picturing her in her early twenties, but the timeline ended up putting her at 17. That was a little unbelievable for me, but didn’t take away from the story at all. Lore was raised as bred to be a hunter for the next “Purge”-like hunt where the old gods of ancient Greece become mortal and try to not die. If you kill a god during the hunt, you become the new them with their powers and all. It was a really unique and interesting concept that the author did a great job of executing to perfection! There are different houses named after different ancient Greek monsters and heroes. Lore is from the house with Medusa as their emblem. The house used to have the shield made for and carried by the god Athena but they lost it when their house went through a genocide. Not only do you have to worry about finding a god and killing him to gain his powers, you also have to watch out for other hunters who will kill you to do the same. Lore’s entire family and house was wiped away in a viscous murder, leaving her the last. The hunt only happens every seven years and her family was taken from her when she was ten. Another house took her in, she made a friend there, she left there and survived on her own the rest of the time, aside from a few quirky friends. That’s why I didn’t believe she was a seventeen year old girl living in a Brownstone flat with her other seventeen year old roommate, left to her by the old man she used to take care of, but everything about this story is so wonderfully unbelievable.

The length of the book was perfect for the story, even though the print was somewhat small. It was intimidating at first but I flew right threw it because it was too good to put down. As far as I know, and because of the way the story ended, I know this is a standalone novel, but it was so good I could keep reading more like this! If you would like to read “Lore” by Alexandra Bracken use the button below to find it on Amazon! You won’t be sorry.

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