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Warrior Angel Cover Reveal!

This is the sixth and final book in my epic YA Urban Fantasy series, Chronicles of a Supernatural Huntsman. Kamlyn’s journey comes to an end as she battles the fallen angels for the fate of humanity and her world. Available for pre-order on Kindle tomorrow! Coming this November 22nd! Catch up on the series now for free through Kindle Unlimited, or start with Broken Angel for only $0.99. They make for a great Halloween season read with fallen angels, demons, witches, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, mermaids, fairies, and more!

Kamlyn Paige started her story in Broken Angel as a very young and grieving mother after the mysterious and dark murder of her five-year-old son. Ready to give up, she collapses on the sidewalk in tears when a stranger sees her and lifts her up…and reveals a hidden world beneath her own full of monsters and evil beings. He takes her to the Chamber of Darkness, an underground society that protects humanity from the things that go bump in the night, to train as Huntsman. But training doesn’t go as smoothly as she hoped. Every single recruit is a descendant of another Huntsman, per their traditions, except Kamlyn and her new friend Holly Everest. The descendants do everything they can to make sure Kamlyn doesn’t make it through their training to taint their traditions, but Kamlyn won’t give up so easily. As if that wasn’t enough for her to deal with, there is a traitor hidden within the Chamber, and they plan to release all the demons of hell on earth to destroy it.

In Earth Angel Kamlyn is hunting out on her own. She comes across many different cases involving ghosts and ghouls. She’s employed her childhood friend, Cara, to do her research back home to make her hunts more efficient, but that only makes the creatures of Darkness aware of Cara and how vulnerable she is on her own. Kamlyn tries to protect her friend from ever experiencing the horrors of the Darkness as she has. As Kamlyn wrestles with a demon from hell a fallen angel comes to her rescue and reveals a truth about her she never thought possible. The fallen angel helps her come to terms with who she is, and what she’s capable, but can he be trusted?

In Hunted Angel, Kamlyn has defied the laws of the Chamber of Darkness and has gone rogue. She’s gone from Huntsman to Hunted overnight. She teams up with old friends and new to try to take on the corruption that has slithered its way into her beloved Chamber, but it may be too late. As she confronts the culprits, she discovers one of her friends is not who she thought they were, and neither is her father. With the emergence of a newfound brother, Jake, she hopes that her side of Light is growing, and not the army of the fallen angels. Could the family she never knew about be expanding in a new and demented way?

In Wayfare Angel, Kamlyn and her group travel to Arianthe, the realm of witches, fairies, and more, to seek help in reviving one of her friends fallen victim to the new Head of the Chamber of Darkness, to seek alliances, and to awaken more powers hidden deep within her. As she grows in her capabilities, her brother Jake remains the same and they can’t figure out why. They share the same father, they should share his same powers. Kamlyn consults the witches and fairies, but will the creatures and beings she used to hunt really help her?

In Rebel Angel, Kamlyn continues her travels through the realms in search of help for the upcoming war against the fallen angels. She starts with the underwater realm of Atlantis to find her mermaid siblings and ask them to join her, but what she didn’t bargain for was a confrontation with the ancient god, Poseidon, himself. As her newfound brother, Jake, drifts further from her the more he covets her powers. The truth about his feelings are revealed after their horrific visit to the vampire world and Kamlyn has to make a hard decision. Continue her travels to build her army of Light, or go after her brother as he retreats into the Darkness?

In Warrior Angel, Kamlyn and her friends are on the last leg of their quest in gathering supernatural creatures and beings to fight against the fallen angels and their army. She hopes its enough, but she has her doubts about whether they can win. She’s been to hell and back, literally, to save the humans but something tells her she hasn’t seen the worst of it yet. As more mythological beings come out of the woodwork, Greek gods and the Amazons and more, Kamlyn finally finds the secret entrance to her Chamber’s counterpart, the Chamber of Light. This could be the key in defeating the angels, but can she convince the Head to fight when the Chamber of Light is sworn to protect the supernatural and not the humans of this world? This is the end. The epic battle the series has been leading up to. Kamlyn and her army against the fallen angels and their creatures of Darkness. Father against daughter. Sister against brother. Not everyone is going to make it out of this one alive. Could this be the end of Kamlyn and her friends?

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