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Non Fiction Book Review: “Unoffendable” by Brant Hansen

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book was really an eye-opener for me. It’s funny because I’ve seen reviews of this book where the reviewer is offended that Brant says being unoffendable is a choice. It’s ironic. It really is a choice, and making the choice is the easy part. It’s following through that is hard work, daily, as is breaking any bad habit and building a better new one in its place. I’ve only been done reading this for a few days and already I’m working my butt off to remember the wisdom in here to put into practice. I’ve found that doing affirmations not only in the beginning of the day but throughout the day helps. In my affirmations of I feel good, I look good, God says I am very good, I am good enough just as I am today, I also like to add I am unoffendable. Yay, Brant! You made it into my affirmations! Not only does this book go into being unoffendable but it also digs deep to analyze why it is we’re offendable in the first place. There’s no one reason. There are so many reasons and Brant touches on a bunch so I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out your reason to contemplate and work through too. I went from someone who never spoke up for myself or stood up for myself, meek, to learning how to stand up for what I felt I deserved and what culture says I deserve. I love the part in the book where it talks about injustice and how we don’t have to be mad about it do something about it, and that being mad about it actually sometimes prevents us from taking action or when we do people just remember how mad we were. That’s how I feel I’ve become. This person who wants to stand up to every injustice, against me and everyone else, and be mad while I do it. Now, I see there is such a better way! The hard part is keeping myself in check and putting into action. Another reason we are offended is because things aren’t going how we think they should. We have expectations of people and situations that aren’t being met and that offends us. That’s me to a T. Even after reading this book and having it on my mind we were going through my seven year old daughter’s bedtime reading routine. She needs to work on her reading, slow down and focus more. My husband and I are in agreement of this. But then last night he’s making jokes and goofing around and distracting her while she’s trying to read, to make it fun or I don’t know, and I found myself getting irritated and making comments to make him stop and take it seriously. It wasn’t going how I thought it should. Already I was back to my old ways. That’s how hard it is to change, even when the desire to change and how to do it is fresh in your mind! But I’m going to keep trying and hopefully with a little practice I can get better and better at being unoffendable. I think, and this is just my opinion, the people who are offended by this book are offended Brant didn’t offer this cure-all, quick and easy answer to being unoffendable. He clearly says it’s hardest and takes a lot of time, patience, and work, and a lot of times people don’t like that or want to hear that. I enjoyed the book, Brant’s humor and how he writes exactly like he talks, and I found all the information and stories in there extremely valuable!

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