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ReReading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as an Adult


1. They believed Black to be so dangerous that when he escaped Azkaban they even announced it to the muggles through their news. They just didn’t say where he escaped from.

2. It was really terrible and traumatizing for a 13 year old in a class he’s struggling in to have his teacher force him to use his potion on his beloved pet toad, knowing it could poison and kill the toad. Snape really wasn’t only terrible to Harry. Poor Neville.

3. Peeves is in the HP books throughout the series so far so much it makes me wonder why they didn’t include him at all in the movies. He would have been a character the kids would have probably loved.

4. Crookshanks was one good, smart cat, always going after Scabbers. He knew something was evil and not right about that rat!

5. If Fred and George snatched the Maurader’s map without any guidance how’d they ever guess the way to make it work was to say “I solemnly swear that I am up to nog good”. Even for them, it’s not a phrase they’d utter a lot. Quite a good guess on their part.

Things I didn’t catch as a kid or forgot about:

1. The wizard pets were supposed to have magical powers. The lady at the pet shop asked Ron what Scabbers’ powers were and Ron couldn’t think of any. But what were Hedwig, Errol, or Crookshanks powers??

2. Harry’s sneakoscope was always going off around Ron because Scabbers was there and Scabbers is an untrustworthy “rat”.

3. Hagrid had a dozen hippogriffs, not just Buckbeak, and Harry volunteered to be the first in the class to approach them.

4. I completely forgot about flobberworms and how gross they are.

5. Sir Cadogan and his fat pony! He is such a great little side character, even though he’s just a moving portrait. Funny and heartfelt. I really wish he had been in the movie. Oh well. They can’t put everything in.

6. Hagrid’s motorbike was given to him by Sirius Black the night he took Potter to the Dursley’s.

7. There are “Hit Wizards” in the ministry. Like a hit-man?

8. The boys were a lot meaner to Hermione in this one than I remember. They don’t talk to her for months out of the school year and blow her off because of what they think he cat did to Scabbers. Poor girl must’ve been so lonely.

9. It wasn’t just Harry who disarmed and knocked Snape out in the Shrieking Shack. Ron and Hermione and Harry all hit him at the same time.

Best Quotes:

“Don’t let the muggles get you down!” -Ron Weasley

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