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Dead Road (Dead Soil book #2) Early Release!

Since this was my first time using IngramSpark as my publisher instead of Amazon exclusively, the release dates got messed up, but to your advantage! “Dead Road” is now available in paperback and ebook!

For some reason it decided to publish “Dead Road” in ebook everywhere available now except Barnes & Noble’s Nook got it right and it’s available for sale there for pre-order, though the pre-order is only $2.99 instead of the full price of the ebook which is $4.99. Another mess up that benefits my wonderful readers! Pre-order for half off with Nook! Next time I publish with them, I hope to have all the kinks worked out, but this time enjoy the early release and discounts!

Hardcover release date is still set for July 31 (as far as I know!)

The second book in the bestselling Dead Soil series continues with the group of wanderers and the group at the apartments together waiting out the winter in the Dune Ridge complex. All have suffered great loss in the first months of the zombie plague and it is starting to take a toll on some of the members. But there is hope in the form of a scientific journal left behind by Christine’s fiance, Liam. It may hold the key to a cure. All they have to do is deliver it to the Disease Research Center in the heart of downtown Chicago. With zombies thawing from the cold and roaming the earth in numbers like never before, can everyone survive the road to restoration?

When we left Christine Moore she had just lost the love of her life. Now, she battles with her inner voices telling her to abandon the group and seek to restore the world on her own…before she loses anyone else she cares about.

Zack Kran has become the leader of the group of misfits, though not by choice. He carries the heavy burden of life and death on his shoulders as he makes decisions that effect everyone in the group and their safety.

Gretchen Moore, Christine’s older sister, struggles with the poor choices of her past as she seeks forgiveness from her younger sister for abandoning her all those years ago.

And the rest of the group bands together with these three in a combined effort to restore the world to what it once was, a safe and zombie-free place.

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