Broken Angel is Now Available on Amazon

Kamlyn Paige joins a group of supernatural hunters in search of her son's killer When a mysterious neighbor sees her weeping on the sidewalk, he helps her up and introduces her to a new world. She goes with him to the Chamber of Darkness, an underground society, where she learns to fight evil beings and creatures as a Huntsman. Will she be able to make it through training in order to find her son's demonic killer and bring it to justice?

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Remember How Far You’ve Come

When it seems like we've hit a point of standstill in our writing careers we need to take a look at where we started and how far we've come in such a short amount of time.


Ashley Carlson Interviews Alex Apostol

   Read Ashley Carlson's interview of author Alex Apostol        I've made you wait long enough, so here she is...Alex Apostol! AC: Tell us about Alex Apostol as a child (all the strange details!). Or maybe just some personality traits. Did you show signs of a future as a writer, even when you were young?… Continue reading Ashley Carlson Interviews Alex Apostol