Being a Mood Reader

I just realized that I am a mood reader. Not only that, but I took it to the extreme. I am a mood everything-er! But I was able, with some deep reflective thought, to pinpoint where these moods were driven from. This give me an advantage. No longer do I have to feel I am difficult or whishy-washy or jumping from one thing to the next. I can hedge my moods because I can predict them now. I am a seasonal mood reader! (and everything-er)


This is the season where I am anticipating the holidays. It’s a magical time filled with family, fun, and friends, and I feel like I’m living in a snow globe. I tend to get vintage/classical/a little British in my choices. I dress in a more vintage holiday style. I get really into knitting shawls. I read historical fictions and classics. I crave comfort food like stews, soups, meats and potatoes. This is my Winter Mood.


This is the season where I am craving warmer weather and for winter to be over. The sun starts coming out more and we start getting some temps above freezing. I go into beachy overload. I can’t stop thinking about Hawaii and the years I lived there. I go into beachy vacation planning mode. I dress in beachy (though still temp appropriate) clothes. I crave beach or ocean themed reads so a lot of YA Fantasy centered around pirates or islands. Spin offs from shows I love like Outer Banks. All I want to watch are summer beach movies and shows like Blue Crush, Soul Surfer, and Moana. I crave pineapple and coconut and fresh fruit everything!


This is the season I feel I am most calm and myself (Which is crazy because I always thought of myself as a Fall Winter lover). I do a lot of outdoor activities like swimming, horseback riding, hiking, and what not. I adopt a more comfortable boho style of clothes mainly because I hate to sweat. This is a season where I really don’t have one type of book I like to read. This is the season I can wrap up those series that have been hanging over my head. I’ll watch whatever, listen to whatever, and pretty much do whatever. Sometimes I can get horse-centered in this time because of the outdoor riding. I’ll watch and read more horsey things and my boho look can get a little western, but not always.


This is the season I am looking forward to the leaves changing and the weather cooling. I tend to get a little more daring in my fashion choices, breaking out the black leather leggings because Halloween is just around the corner. I wear muted earth tones and a lot of rusty oranges. I like to read a lot of Halloween type books, especially if they have to do with witches. Same with my movie and show choices. I break out the Halloween themed playlists and decorations. I start eating more sweets and treats as they become available and I am buying less fruit and summery things.

Now that I know the four seasons of my moods I can make them work for me and be prepared for them before they get here! That way I’m not like “I’m in a Halloween witchy mood. Let me break my bank by ordering every witchy book I can find that I haven’t read yet!” Instead, I can stock up over the months and then already have enough to read when the season hits so I’m not scrambling.

What kind of mood reader are you and where do your moods stem from?


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