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Cover Reveal & Pre Order: My Little Island Life

Keep scrolling to see the cover reveal for My Little Island Life!

Are you ready?! You’re almost there!

Here it is! The cover reveal for “My Little Island Life”!

I am so excited for this one. The cover is beautiful (in my totally unbiased opinion, lol) and the story is one that I have been wanting to tell for a very long time. Based on true events from my own life, writing this was like writing in my diary again. It’s very personal, ugly, and embarrassing, but it’s a story that needs to be told. It’s my testimony, and my first dabble into faith-based fiction.

Kleio thought living in paradise would be a dream, but it quickly turns into a living nightmare

Whisked away to the island of Oahu by her new Navy sailor husband, twenty year old Kleio realizes she hardly knows the man she married. Looking for an escape from the vicious cycle of abusive boyfriends, Kleio soon finds out that Danny is just another part of that cycle. When she receives a disturbing email from his ex explaining that he had been asking both of them to marry him at the same time, Kleio’s world spirals out of control. The only reason she’s married to Danny is because another girl had said no. Feeling trapped on the tiny island, Kleio does whatever she can to find an escape from her marriage, and to figure out who she is and what she really wants in life. Can she ever find happiness, or will she be crushed by the darkness of her depression forever?


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