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Calling All Horse Lovers!

Mock-up of latest journal I’m working on

I have recently gotten back into the horse riding game and I am loving it! Though I’ve taken English and Western lessons on and off my entire life, I’ve never committed myself to it like I am now. I started leasing my first horse through a local ranch. His name is Whippy (Orange Whip, though I call him Whip-Head due to his not so charming habit) and he is a 15 year old bay color Thoroughbred much like the one on the mock-up cover of my next journal. We had a rough start at first as we got to know each other and admittedly, I was ready to throw in the towel. But my awesome friend and trainer convinced me to give it the month and after my first dressage lesson with her Whippy was whipped into shape and now listens and rides like a dream! But enough about me…

I plan to equip this journal with everything a rider needs to keep track of their memorable riding moments, lessons, horse behaviors, time on horseback and more.

I would love to hear feedback from all you amazing horse lovers and owners, though! This is new territory for me, but once again I am designing a journal to fill a need in my life that I assume will fill a need in other’s lives as well.

Leave your comments on design and interior below. I would love your opinion!

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