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Alex Apostol’s Newest Release!

That’s right! A new writing resource for all my fellow writers!

“My Writing Journal” is a travel-sized no-nonsense, simply laid out journal to help writers keep track of their daily word count and goals, plan their writing time weekly, keep record of ideas they have throughout the day for their current projects and for their future projects all in one place. It’s a lifesaver for the writer-on-the-go!

My Writing Journal New Release Announcement

Get your paperback copy today in the 10% off store at writeralexapostol.com (Included Below)

My Writing Journal

This simple travel-sized journal is perfect to record all your novel ideas throughout your busy day. At the start of each week there is a calendar for you to set goals for your projects. Following, are seven days of journaling; including word count goals, actual word count for the day, ideas for current project, and ideas for future projects. Don’t let a single wonderful idea of yours slip by when you have this journal on hand! 10% off the Amazon Price + 6% tax + $2.50 Shipping



Pay full-price on Amazon (the choice is yours!)



Trust me, you won’t regret adding this writing resource to your arsenal!


I’ve ordered my author copy and I can’t wait to get it! Whenever I come up with an idea for a new journal design, it’s always to fill a need in my life, and this one does just that. Right now, I have future project notes strewn across recycled paper here and there at work and no idea what my daily word count is to track my progress while writing “Dead Road”. It’s a mess!

Alex Apostol

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