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Intentional: A Daily Christian Planner Release Tomorrow!

Intentional (3)


Tomorrow is the release of my latest non-fiction journal “Intentional: A Daily Christian Planner”!


Inside the journal you’ll find 164 days worth of:
– My Daily Godly Plan
– My Day in Review
– Miracles and Prayers Answered Today

We are not meant to go through our days without intention. Jesus wants us to turn to Him each morning with the question “What shall you have me do today?” This journal will help you approach each day with the intention of being a more obedient Christian who walks out the words of Jesus Christ. At the end of your day, you review how you behaved and what happened to see where you fell short and what you can work on tomorrow. Keeping your eyes on the Lord helps to grow your faith. With the Miracles and Prayers Answered pages, you can remind yourself that the Lord Jesus has his focus on you. He loves you unconditionally and shows His presence in so many awesome ways every single day!

This journal will be available in paperback and eBook through, and on

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