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Writer Habits: Early Morning Alone Time


Good Morning, World! It’s going to be a great day!!


I’ve been trying for basically my whole life to be an early riser. It’s never worked out well for me. I knew that if I just got up at 6am instead of 7 or 7:30am, I could get so much more done and still not be rushed to leave for work at 8am. Despite knowing that, when the time came to jump out of my cozy, warm bed, I failed to do so. I’d hit snooze (at least three times) and curl back up. My little black cat, Bob, is an enabler, too. The minute he sees I’m trying to get up he begs to get under covers and curl up by my stomach to make me even cozier! It also doesn’t help that I have the most wonderful man in the world sleeping next to me, keeping me warm with his body furnace.

 IMG_20171221_213126_738.jpg 20170623_172148.jpg



How is anyone supposed to get out of bed with so much cute going on? But today, by some random chance or a push from the God, my alarm went off at 6am even though it clearly said it was set for 7am. My eyes opened and they weren’t heavy! I wasn’t tired! I still laid in bed, feeling lazy, for another 15 minutes, but then I decided this was the perfect opportunity to do the things I want to do in the peace and quiet of the morning.

I got out of bed, opened the blinds to my patio, and saw a wonderful sunrise over the pond. First smile of the day. Then I made coffee and did some morning yoga stretches and 50 squats while it brewed. Second smile of the day. I poured my coffee, sat on the couch, and caught up on my social media. Third smile of the day. By that time it was 6:45am. I opened my three-year-old’s door to her room and woke her up gently with a good morning hug and kiss. Fourth smile of the day. We had a little time to hang on the couch together and watch some Thomas and Friends before it was time for me to get ready. Somehow it only took me 30 mins to look awesome, if I do say so myself. That left another 30 mins for me and Charlotte to have some breakfast and get everything ready to go. Yet another smile in the day!

Having that time to myself; stretching, exercising, coffee-ing, catching up…it may not seem like much got done or that it was even that productive. I didn’t spend the morning slaving over my laptop to punch out another 2,000 words or anything, but it put me in the right state of mind to start my day. I now feel awesome and ready to tackle work, homework, writing, reading, in a way that I normally don’t feel. I’m inspired. Hopefully this feeling is enough to get me up at 6am again tomorrow.

If you’re an early riser, what is your trick to getting up without fail with the sunrise? Leave a comment below!

2 thoughts on “Writer Habits: Early Morning Alone Time”

  1. Congratulations on your early rising! I think my trick is to wake up in a panic – it’s not a method I would choose, but my brain has chosen it as the way to make sure that every day I leap out of bed, eyes darting wildly about as I crouch on the floor like Spiderman when his spidey senses are tingling. It’s difficult to go back to sleep after that 😉


  2. Bahaha, that made me laugh. Yeah, doesn’t sound like the best way to wake up, but I’m sure it always works. I did not early rise today, but I still did my yoga and workout so that was good. I blame all the weird dreams and nightmares last night (and the cats who like to walk on my face while I sleep). Kept waking up and that made it hard to get going in the morning. It’s a work in progress.

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