City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

4.5 out of 5 Stars!


This book was the best one by far in the series. I loved the setting of Idris and Alicante. It was a nice change from the common and familiar setting of New York City.


The characters in the book developed nicely, though most of the developmental focus was on Clary, Jace, Jocelyn, and Luke (the couples). I was very happy to find out Jace was not Clary’s brother, because that whole dynamic kind of weirded me out and made the books not as enjoyable. Her real brother was awful and more how I pictured someone who had demon blood in them to be. I was so glad that Jocelyn and Luke decided to get together at the end. I knew they would, just as I knew Jace wasn’t really Clary’s brother and they also would get together, but it was still nice when it happened.
Simon seems to be about the same, still a pretty cool kid and getting more comfortable with his vampire role. I see why Maia and Isabelle both have eyes for him. The coupling that made me smile the most was the one between Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood. I’ve been dying for them to realize they love each other! It was so nice once it finally happened. They make me laugh. And the parents were far more accepting of it than in the Freeform TV series.

As far as setting, the author did a great job of describing Idris—the demon towers, the green grass, the blue sky, the rolling hills, the fabulous mansions. It was all so well described I felt like I could picture it perfectly in my mind. I wish I could go there! And I wish the characters would stay there because to me it is a more interesting place than New York City.

Story-wise, this was a good one. Even though it was lengthy, it kept a good pace and never got boring. I always debated at the end of the night if I should read one more chapter or go to bed. If her chapters weren’t so long, I probably would have stayed up later most nights to keep going.
I was very surprised that she killed off Valentine. I wondered who the bad guy would be for the last half of the series, but then they said they never found Johnathan’s body so I have to figure it’s him who tries to continue Valentine’s work.

This was a great read and I’m excited to buy the next book today and start it. Four and a half stars!


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